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Facing The Perils of Modern-Day Living

By Liz Barrington, Natural Body Healing


All life is bathed in natural low-frequency electro-magnetic fields which are generated principally by electric thunderstorm activity in the equatorial regions of the Earth.  These electric storms create naturally-occurring 'static' energy fields which are hugely beneficial to our health because of the negatively-charged ions that they return to both our internal and external environments.


However, most of the electric fields that envelop us these days are not naturally occurring.  We have become surrounded by a cocktail of different man-made electromagnetic waves that alternate and pulse their electrons in ‘waves’ and this ‘electro-smog’ or these Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) as they’re also known, cause a considerable amount of stress upon our bodies.  The modern world around us is literally depleting us of our natural energy stores, and it’s also believed to be affecting many of our wildlife’s natural migratory patterns and their ability to breed and therefore survive.


Modern electrical appliances are relatively new in evolutionary terms and we each use many of these devices on a daily basis.  Every second of the day, we’re being constantly bombarded with electromagnetic waves such as those emitted from overhead cables, mobile telephone masts, mobile phones, wireless devices (DECT), computers, microwaves, electrical currents within our homes and offices, x-rays and also ultraviolet radiation that are all harmful due to the damage they can cause to our bodies at a cellular level. 


Our exposure to EMFs has been shown to actually affect the way our body’s cells communicate with one another and therefore this affects our own ability to function properly.  These pulsating frequencies actively destroy our body’s healthy cells and cause blockages in the flow of our body’s vital energy which can lead to chronic disease. 


Kinesiology testing, bio-resonance testing, electro-acupuncture testing, dark field microscopy and live blood analysis methods have all shown that our body’s meridians suffer a loss of energy and our blood cells start decomposing when exposed, for example, to a transmitting mobile phone just for several minutes.


Electromagnetism is becoming the subject of intensive research all around the world.  In Japan, the links between electromagnetic pollution and ‘modern’ diseases such as ME, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, are now being heavily researched. 


Regular or prolonged exposure to high frequency radiation emitted from electronic devices, electrical currents and large electrical structures such as towers and pylons can be a major contributor to conditions such as:


·         fatigue

·         brain fogginess

·         hormonal disturbances

·         headaches

·         depression & mental issues

·         immune weakness

·         difficulty concentrating

·         behavioural changes

·         sleeping disorders

·         neck & shoulder tension

·         poor brain integration

·         chest pains

·         cardio-vascular conditions

·         lassitude

·         lumbago

·         weight gain

·         metabolic disorders

·         constipation

·         lack of energy

·         irritability

·         nervousness

·         infertility issues

·         bone disorders & reduced bone density

·         genetic problems

·         metabolic disorders

·         cancers

·         … and more


Children are at even greater risk because their developing brains absorb higher levels of radiation due to their poorly-protected nerve cells which are still developing, and the fact that their immune system isn’t as strong as that of adults. 


Pregnant women greatly expose their growing foetuses to the dangers of developing neurological disorders.  More and more conclusive research from within the worldwide medical community is becoming increasingly available to expose these health dangers that are blatantly being ignored by the political and business communities around the world. 


So, with all these evidence coming to the fore over recent years, why on earth are the worldwide electronics and telecoms industries aggressively promoting solely wireless devices and applications when they are doing so much damage to our health?  As always it’s all down to big business profits and their self-interested desire to make a quick buck whilst they can.  The general public has to be made aware of the dangers so that they can actively make a stand and insist on purchasing ‘cable-wired’ devices which are a much safer option for us all.


The European Environment Agency (EEA) has now issued health hazard warnings in relation to exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  The EEA states that there is conclusive evidence that mobile radio waves do exert an influence on human cells even below the presently accepted limits that may result in long-lasting damage to our health.  The EEA has issued this warning based on the 2007 BioInitiative Report in which a group of scientists evaluated 2000 studies concerning the effects of electromagnetic fields.


The German Federation Agency for Radiation Protection also recognises that there are outstanding issues concerning the impact of mobile telephones on our health.  It therefore advises people to reduce their exposure to radiation to an absolute minimum as a preventive measure.  For example, they strongly recommend the use of a land line telephone instead of a mobile phone, and to keep all calls on mobile phones brief, and to send text messages whenever possible.


What Damage Does High Frequency Radiation Have on our Bodies?

Positive ions in the atmosphere have harmful effects on health, whilst negative ions are hugely beneficial.  When our cells are in balance, they are predominantly negatively-charged.  They extensively use elements such as calcium, potassium and sodium ions for keeping our cellular structure in place and to transmit electrical signals between the brain and the nerves so that our bodies function well.


Unfortunately, high frequency radiation causes the outer surface of our body cells to have an increase in positive charge.  This increase in positive charge disrupts the cell’s energy balance and the communication within and outside the cell.  EMFs also create high levels of acidosis in the body which causes an extra drain on our calcium levels and other key mineral elements which are necessary for strong cell structure.  However, when our cells lose so much calcium, the aqueous membrane therefore becomes much weaker which consequently this badly affects the movement and control of substances in and out of the cells. 


The blood-brain barrier therefore opens up and allows damaging free-radical molecules to pass through and cause malfunction within the brain and the rest of the body.


Research confirms that these frequencies not only seriously affect our cell’s communication levels and its cell contents, but rather worryingly, this actually includes damaging our DNA and the production of abnormal cells.  These abnormalities explain why the body seems to have an increased risk of cancer and lowered fertility rates from regular exposure to EMF.


Over time our body and our cells become increasingly fatigued, our normal metabolism and nerve signal transmission is interfered with, and our immune system becomes greatly impaired with a lowered resistance to diseases and cancers.  The body becomes increasingly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation through regular exposure and therefore symptoms tend to exacerbate after a while.


If you’d like to find out more, there are some great sources of research and debate available on the effects of electromagnetic radiation at the following websites:


BioInitiative Report

Elsevier Research

Electromagnetic Health

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD 

Dr Joseph Mercola


Order the book 'Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution' by Camilla Rees and Magda Havas to find out more about the independent research available, obtain advice on what you can do to create electromagnetic safety and find out how you can help get your politicians to start paying attention to this important issue affecting humans, animals and nature.


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