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Forgive, Heal and Move On

By Brandon Bays, Originator of ‘The Journey’


A potent aspect of forgiveness is that for true healing to occur, one must empty out all the stored pain, hurt, blame and hatred.  We cannot bypass the emptying out and releasing process and jump straight to genuine forgiveness.

This is because the consciousness connected to the issues remains stored inside the body, continuing to have a life of its own, and that can be damaging. 

Naively believing they can avoid facing their own issues, some people attempt to gloss over their own pain by acting like ‘Mr Nice Guy’ or ‘Ms Nice Girl’, offering ‘sincere’ forgiveness.  This pseudo-forgiveness doesn’t work.

The issue and its associated emotions are already stored inside your body.  So you can take 45 minutes to humbly, honestly and completely admit, face and empty out all the stored pain, release the unexpressed emotions, clear the entire issue and be finished with it for the rest of your life; or you can leak it out, hurting that person continually for the rest of his or her life.

Those hateful, hurtful words are already present inside you; you can finally admit them, release them, be done with them once and for all.  Or you can harbour these thoughts inside you, letting their destructive work be ongoing; for the other person is already getting your strong non-verbal communication on a daily basis.  What do you think is more healing for you, facing and clearing it or holding onto it, stringing it out over time?

It’s always more healing to get real, open up and empty out the true pain, hurt and upset now.  Intense feelings may be felt and strong words may be voiced for a few moments, but that is far more healing than stuffing it down, then letting it leak out on a daily basis – the underlying pain from over the years.

The healing power of forgiveness is palpably strong.  It can heal bodies, lives, relationships and even entire nations.  Forgiveness truly is a gift that you give yourself.  Forgiveness releases you completely from your story of pain and allows you to move forward in freedom in your life.

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