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Come Join Us!  Book Yourself onto Our Amazing 'Awakening the Inner Goddess' Journey across Morocco in October 2013!

Please complete our registration form below PER PERSON in order to reserve your place with us.  You are then required to make a part-payment initial deposit of GBP £99.00 to guarantee your place. 

PLEASE NOTE: This initial deposit would NOT be refundable unless the event is cancelled. 

If you have any queries prior to booking or if you have any difficulties submitting this form, please contact us by completing our Contact Form, thank you.

*obligatory fields, please complete to enable us to deal with your booking efficiently - thanks.

First Name:    *


Last Name:    *


Sex:               *


Date of Birth:    *

(eg. 23/04/73)

Nationality:    *


Passport Number:    *


Expiry Date:  (eg. 23/04/73)  *


Age Group:   

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English Speaker:  



Town/City:     *


Country:        *


E-mail:           *

I wish payment in the following ways*


Pay the full amount by PAYPAL immediately of GBP £699.00, or

Pay over 4 stages by PAYPAL:

1) Receive INITIAL DEPOSIT of just GBP £99.00 immediately upon booking

2) Receive SECOND Payment of £200.00 by: 30/06/13,

3) Receive THIRD Payment of £200.00 by: 31/07/13, and

4) Receive FINAL payment of £200.00 by 31/08/13.



Special Needs: Dietary/Physical/Phobias etc (Some food preferences and sensitivities can be catered for) - please provide further details here:*    




During trip, I would like to share a hotel room with another participant:              


     Name of other participant:  


     Type of Room Required:                  




I will arrange my own flights and travel insurance and I will confirm these details to the Trip Organisers:               



Confirmation of Your Participation:

I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions for the Event and I fully acknowledge that this is a Group Event whereby we each endeavour to participate in the planned healing activities as fully as possible and agree that I am responsible for improving my own sense of wellbeing and happiness. (please select YES/NO)



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