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The Natural Healing Powers of Reiki and Seichem
By Melanie Sopp, Reiki Master and Seichem Master

Reiki is a universal healing energy – an amazingly effective and wonderful hands-on ancient healing system. It was rediscovered in the last century by a Japanese doctor called Dr Mikao Usui who resided in a Zen Buddhist monastery where he found the texts describing the healing formula which he subsequently translated from the original Sanskrit.

‘Rei’ means universal (higher spiritual consciousness). ‘Ki’ means life force (in relation to the earth, planets, stars and heavens), in other words ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. It is otherwise known as ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’ in China, ‘Prana’ in India and ‘Orenda’ in Native American.

Reiki and Seichem are different from other healing systems because the attunement initiations are an ancient process of tuning the healer’s body both physically and etherically to a higher vibration thereby allowing a clear channel for the energy to flow. Once this channel is open, it remains open for the rest of the healer’s life.

Reiki is connected with the ‘Earth’ element and the energy can be experienced as hot or cold. Reiki benefits on a physical, psychological and emotional level and forms a base upon which the other elemental energy rays, such as those used in Seichem, can work.

Seichem is a further extension of Reiki and comes from the Indian Sanskrit and was used in Ancient Egypt. This system is also found in the Indian Sutras in which Dr Usui re-discovered Reiki. Seichem also includes the Fire, Water and Air elements in addition to the use of Angelic Light which therefore brings in an additional 4 healing rays to the fundamental energy of Reiki.

In Seichem, the ‘Fire’ element (Sakara) works well in the body’s electromagnetic field – the aura surrounding the body and it also cleanses the Chakras. This energy transforms and burns through blockages.

The ‘Water’ element (Sophi-El) aids emotional and sexual healing, opening the heart to receive love and to feel compassion. It also increases the healer’s psychic awareness.

The ‘Air/Ether’ element (also incorporating ‘Angelic Light’) enables the healer to function much more effectively as a communication link between the angels, the Holy Spirit and the ‘Higher Self’ of the client. Perceptions through the third eye of the healer are enhanced and the power of the spoken word is increased through the throat chakra.

Since moving into the new millennium or Aquarian age, the whole planet has and is still going through changes in its vibrations. As a result of this, we are currently undergoing changes which are in fact a planetary ‘cleansing process’. These changes are bringing about lighter vibrations for the planet and its people, and so with the gift of Reiki or Seichem, healers can help heal the planet and those around them.

These ‘vibrational’ changes are what are causing the renewed interest in natural healing, spiritual work, natural remedies and therapy over the last 20-30 years. People are seeking the help of healers now to help with pain and trauma. People have become aware that working on the physical body alone does not necessarily work; they need emotional and mental cleansing before the physical problems can be healed.

Because both Reiki and Seichem are vibrational energies, they can work on the etheric bodies and accelerate the cleansing process which in turn will raise our own individual vibrations.


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