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"I’m very impressed with the performance of the AkuRy® Chip and I use them in all of my phones.  I would highly recommend them to others!”

Dr Charles Krebs - Melbourne Applied Physiology, Australia


"Since using the AkuRy® Chip, I can speak for prolonged periods, like 30 minutes on my mobile and not experience any heat or aches in my ear and head.”

Melanie Kearney, Kinesiologist, Western Australia


"I inserted the AkuRy® Chip into my mobile phone and I’ve since noticed a considerable decrease in the levels of stress in my body whenever I use my phone.  Everyone should possess at least one of these AkuRy® Chips – they're quite incredible!” 

Liz Barrington, Complementary Therapist, United Kingdom



Protect your health and boost your body's energy throughout the day – by wearing an ultra-modern and fashionable AkuRy® Amulet

Modern electromagnetic pollution - the emission of ‘unnatural’ electromagnetic waves and high frequency radiation from mobile phones, overhead cables, mobile telephone masts, wireless devices causes a considerable amount of stress on our bodies at a cellular level which all affect the way our body’s cells communicate with one another.  As a result, this causes blockages in the flow of our body’s vital energy and harmful free radical damage which can rapidly deplete our body’s own natural energy levels.

Fully endorsed by leading Scientists, Physicians, Researchers, Natural Healers, Medical Practitioners and Alternative Therapists around the world, AkuRy® is recognised as offering the most effective and innovative products available today that help protect you from the environment in which you live to support optimal health.

Through its own ground-breaking research initiatives based on the energetic laws of nature, AkuRy® offers a unique range of leading-edge protective solutions that are not only innovative, re-useable, affordable, durable and non-invasive, but they really do work

Introducing the AkuRy® Amulet for more energy and vitality

The AkuRy® Amulet is made from 'Schungite', a coal-like mineral with unique properties that constantly regulates energy and discharges any energy blockages.  It is often known as a mysterious 'health strengthening' stone and is a rather 'exclusive' black stone because there is only one Schungite mine in the world which is in Russia.  Schungite is found in very ancient layers of earth crust that was created well before the arrival of man and so scientists estimate that Schungite is about 2 billion years old.

Schungite possesses a large internal surface and therefore it has a very high absorptive ability.  Schungite also helps neutralise harmful effects from human exposure to emissions from household appliances, mobile and cordless phones, computers, etc because of its considerable electro-conductivity and shielding ability to electromagnetic radiation.

Because of its natural properties, cleansing of this healing stone is not required.  The Amulet is attached to a thin black cord that is worn around the neck.

The coloured surface of the front outward-face of the AkuRy® Amulet utilises the same principle as the AkuRy® Chip and the AkuRy® EnergyCard. When the healing stone is used in combination with the energised AkuRy® film on the front of the amulet, the AkuRy® Amulet powerfully harmonises the energy within its surrounding.  From tests, the AkuRy® Amulet is 100% effective within a radius of 1.5m.

By wearing the AkuRy® Amulet, you can regulate your entire energy system very quickly. Body, mind and spirit come into balance within a very short space of time; energy blockages are removed, to enable much more efficient healing and body functionality to take place in the body.  Some customers feel the benefit of hanging the AkuRy® Amulet above the head of the bed, to avoid the harmful effects of electrosmog during the night.

The Benefits of the AkuRy® Amulet

  • Regulates the body which helps the body to detoxify better.

  • Harmonises your being so that the body, mind and soul can re-unite.

  • Energises the body and therefore increases vitality.

  • Stabilises and strengthens the immune system and therefore enhances well-being.

  • Protects the body against negative 'external' and environment influences.

Restrictions of Use:

The AkuRy® Amulet should not initially be worn for more than 15 minutes on the body because the body must first get used to the higher vibration.  It should always be worn with the foil side facing out (away from the body).  To preserve the efficacy of the AkuRy® Amulet, it should not be exposed to temperatures greater than 60°C otherwise its effectiveness will be suspended.  Your AkuRy® Amulet should be protected from damp and wet conditions, so please ensure you take off your AkuRy® Amulet before bathing or swimming.

As a natural rock, Schungite can sometimes leave a discolouration on clothing, so please bear this mind when wearing light-coloured clothing.

The AkuRy® Amulet is available in all sorts of different colours (including multi-colour, blue, green and yellow), and also shapes (including ring, oval and round shapes).  Each Amulet is attached to a thin black cord of approximately 50cm in length. 

With regards to the amulet size, the approximate sizes for each type of AkuRy® Amulet are: Ring shape 5cm diameter, Oval shape 4cm long & 3cm wide and Round shape 3cm diameter.  Please remember to select which colour you require at the time of ordering.


The AkuRy® Ring Amulet


Stock Number: AkuRyAmuletRing    AkuRy® Ring Amulet for energy boosting & body regulation      Online Price £65.00  



The AkuRy® Oval Amulet



Stock Number: AkuRyAmuletOval    AkuRy® Oval Amulet for energy boosting & body regulation    Online Price: £58.00  




The AkuRy® Round Amulet





Stock Number: AkuRyAmuletRound    AkuRy® Round Amulet energy boosting & body regulation    Online Price: £52.00  




We provide innovative micro chips from AkuRy® and also the AkuRy® EnergyCard - both come with a unique 5-year guarantee.  The AkuRy® Chips can be used with all your electronic devices and mobile phones to protect you and your family from the harmful radiation they emit, and the AkuRy® EnergyCard can also be placed in your pocket so you can take it with you wherever you go.


In addition, we also sell AkuRy® Glass Cubes for your office/desk, the AkuRy® Travel Set so you can create your own 'protected' energy space wherever you go, the AkuRy® Electricity Polariser to help keep the electricity in your home safer and more economical, and also the AkuRy® Water Energiser which energises the water you drink whilst helping to reduce limescale and water pipe maintenance and repair costs. 


For an overview of general despatch and delivery timeframes and costs, please visit our delivery section.


AkuRy®’s products are safe and effective and have no side-effects, so try them for yourself and start feeling the difference in your life today.  So, you really have nothing to lose!



We strongly recommend that you order the book 'Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution' by Camilla Rees and Magda Havas to find out more about the independent research available, obtain advice on what you can do to create electromagnetic safety and find out how you can help get your politicians to start paying attention to this important issue affecting humans, animals and nature.

Furthermore, Natural Body Healing can help your body heal itself using therapies that naturally balance the body, and by providing organic supplements to reduce your toxic load, improve vitality and provide essential nourishment.  It's important that you follow a regular detoxification programme which is essential in reducing the build-up of free-radicals and heavy metals in the body.  By taking nutritional supplementation and following our advice on EMF can also help strengthen your body's cells and immune system. 

To find out more, please contact us today.

Disclaimer:  AkuRy® Products may enhance general levels of your body’s vital ‘life’ energy; and so they may assist recovery and provide protection against damaging environmental pollution.  This material is presented for educational information only.  We each have the responsibility, obligation, and privilege to gain knowledge, wisdom and insight on how to have and maintain a healthy body naturally.

The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.























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