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Protect against Electromagnetic Frequencies – by Using Our Innovative AkuRy® Products

Modern electromagnetic pollution, such as that emitted from mobile phones, overhead cables, mobile telephone masts, and wireless devices, causes a considerable amount of stress on our bodies at a cellular level.  Because the body and its cells work 'electrically', these man-made frequencies all affect the way our body’s cells communicate with one another.  As a result, this causes blockages in the flow of our body’s vital energy and harmful free radical damage which can rapidly deplete our body’s own natural energy levels.

Fully endorsed by leading Scientists, Physicians, Researchers, Natural Healers, Medical Practitioners and Alternative Therapists around the world, AkuRy® is recognised as offering the most effective and innovative products available today that help protect you from the environment in which you live to support optimal health.

Through its own ground-breaking research initiatives based on the energetic laws of nature, AkuRy® offers a unique range of leading-edge protective solutions that are not only innovative, re-useable, affordable, durable and non-invasive, but they really do work


1) The AkuRy® EnergyCard – for Personal Full-Body Protection

Multi-Colour EnergyCardThe AkuRy® EnergyCard is a simple plastic card with a fully-integrated AkuRy® Chip which looks and feels just like a credit card.  It’s so easy to carry this card with you at all times and place it on you whenever you’re working or sleeping. With its range of coverage of approximately 0.8m, the AkuRy® EnergyCard protects you from external radiation and electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day when continually worn on the body. (Image: Multi-Colour EnergyCard)

Research shows that the AkuRy® EnergyCard harmonises and increases the energy flow within the meridians of human beings, in fact it helps enhance the health of ALL living beings, including animals, plants and even improves the quality of water.

Testing also confirms that food and fruit stored on top of an AkuRy® EnergyCard conserves better and therefore it takes longer to deteriorate. Therapists also recommend the AkuRy® EnergyCard to assist their patients in their quest for greater well-being as it is so versatile. (Image: Black EnergyCard)

Buy an AkuRy® EnergyCard, and start protecting yourself today.



Stock Number: AkuRyEnergyCard    AkuRy® EnergyCard for personal full-body protection      Online Price: £59.00 or    £49.00

Card Colour


2) The AkuRy® Travel Set

Underground water-flows, rock faults and the global grids are natural-occurring vibrational geographic occurrences that carry the earth's magnetic field.  However, they can also negatively affect our regulatory system.

A quadrant formed with the AkuRy® Travel Set cubes provides perfect geometric alignment and harmonises any harmful electromagnetic interference.  Each cube is energized and so it considerably increases the energy within its range of field.  As a result, you can create a place of power - an 'energy-charged' area.

The portable AkuRy® Travel Set covers an area of 2.50m x 2.50m.  It is generally used for improving conditions whilst you stay in a hotel room; or perhaps you may choose to use the cubes to harmonise and energize your own individual work area or treatment area.

Note: Our glass cubes have ground and polished edges.  However, there may be splintering, when the glass edges of individual cube knocks against another. We therefore recommend that the cube is always carry in our compartmentalised foam-packaging to keep them separate.

If you wish to energise much larger areas (conference rooms, stages, etc.), then we can develop a customised set of cubes which offer a much wider range of field, so please contact us.  

Directions for use: Position each AkuRy® Travel Set cube with the colour-side down, with the arrows pointing upwards and at the four corners of the 'protected' space. The white-marked notches should all point in the same direction.





Stock Number: AkuRyTravelSet    AkuRy® Travel Set for Portable 'Protected' Places      Online Price: £85.00  



3) The AkuRy® Glass Cube

The AkuRy® Glass Cube creates a harmonised and energised environment. 

Its size is: 60mm x 60mm x 60mm, so it's small and compact and it can be positioned on an office desk for example.  With 100% effectiveness, it has a range of field of up to a radius of 80cm. 

There are a choice of designs (see below).  Therefore please select which design 'number' (numbers below are in order, left to right, from 1-11) of AkuRy® Glass Cube you require in the 'comments' field of your Paypal order form.  Select by choosing a design that you're drawn to - as that'll be THE one that will work most effectively for you!


Stock Number: AkuRyGlassCube    AkuRy® Glass Cube for harmonised/energised environments     Online Price: £68.00  

Design Choices 1-10
Design Choice 11


4) The AkuRy® Water (H2O) Energiser - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

Experience water in your own home that charged and pure as spring water!  With the AkuRy® Water (H2O) Energiser, your tap water becomes fresher and much more energised - you can certainly taste the difference! 

Once installed, water becomes noticeably softer and more 'skin-friendly', and you'll notice a reduction of calcium deposits found in shower-heads, tap heads, electric kettles, coffee makers, washing machines and also in dishwashers.  In addition, high-quality cut flowers stay fresh longer - so imagine what impact this energised water has on your OWN body!

High-quality permanent magnets act powerfully on the water within the supply pipe that it's attached to. The specific arrangement of the magnetic current which resonates within the water causes micro-pollutants such as lime to displace and swirl around. The lime is then released by the water and crystallises to form a fine calcite rather than sediment and 'furring up' deposited on the pipe walls.

The picture to the right shows the micro-pollutants swirling by the skillful arrangement of the magnets.

The AkuRy® Water (H2O) Energiser also contains highly-vibrational mineral substances. During water-flow, the vibrating oscillation pattern is transferred to the water itself. After exposure to this resonance, the crystalline structures of water immediately transform and re-order, therefore 'neutralising' any harmful properties that it may have acquired during its original 'cleaning' treatment to become drinking water.

The AkuRy® Water (H2O) Energiser comes in 2 pipe diameter sizes: 5cm for houses and 3.5cm for apartments, so please select which one you wish to order below.


Stock Number: AkuRyWaterEnergiser    AkuRy® Water Energiser for fresher healthier water      Online Price: £345.00  



4) The AkuRy® Electricity Polariser - SORRY, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

A sound sleep is essential for your vitality and well-being.  Sleep is the time when your body attempts to heal and repair itself.  The AkuRy® Electricity Polariser effectively protects you from the effects of electromagnetic pollution from your own electricity supply in the home.

Using the AkuRy® Electricity Polariser, the electrical conductor system within the home's electrical circuitry becomes free of harmful energy, more balanced polarity and a harmonisation which is highly beneficial for all living organisms. 

Therefore, all lines, cables, connected electrical devices and their electromagnetic fields all become more harmonised in a natural way.  Note: Electrical devices that are powered by a transformer or connected to a dimmer switch should utilise their own separate electricity polariser.

As a result of harmonising the electrical field throughout your home, your body's cells no longer become 'stressed' when exposed to the home's electromagnetic fields.  Computer work is not as tiring as before, and your eyes become less irritated, just like you!

Many customers have remarked that the AkuRy® Electricity Polariser has also helped reduce their electricity bills because the energy usage seems to be handled more efficiently and economically, so why not try it for yourself?

The  effectively protects you from the impact of electromagnetic pollution and provides you with a completely new sense of well-being, with noticeable stress reduction, an enhanced immune system with more vitality and a greater quality of life.

The AkuRy® Electricity Polariser is available in 3.5cm pipe diameter size.


Stock Number: AkuRyElectricPolariser    AkuRy® Electricity Polariser for a stress-free home      Online Price: £185.00  



We also provide innovative micro chips from AkuRy® which comes with a unique 5-year guarantee.  The AkuRy® Chips can be used with all your electronic devices and mobile phones to protect you and your family from the harmful radiation they emit.


In addition, we also sell protective amulet jewellery from AkuRy® which are modern, classy and attractive.


For an overview of general despatch and delivery timeframes and costs, please visit our delivery section.


AkuRy®’s products are safe and effective and have no side-effects, so try them for yourself and start feeling the difference in your life today.  You really have nothing to lose!


“I thought I’d try out my AkuRy® EnergyCard on a long-distance flight back from Australia to the UK, as I’d heard that it would help. 

Amazingly after I’d arrived back in the UK, I was relaxed, refreshed and had no jet-lag whatsoever, and I even felt more energised than before.  Everyone should possess at least one of these AkuRy® products – they're quite incredible!” 

Liz Barrington, Complementary Therapist, Spain


We strongly recommend the book 'Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution' by Camilla Rees and Magda Havas to find out more about the independent research available, obtain advice on what you can do to create electromagnetic safety and find out how you can help get your politicians to start paying attention to this important 'widespread' issue of electromagnetic frequencies that affects humans, animals and nature.

Furthermore, Natural Body Healing can help your body heal itself using therapies that naturally balance the body, and by providing organic supplements to reduce your toxic load, improve vitality and provide essential nourishment.  It's important that you follow a regular detoxification programme which is essential in reducing the build-up of free-radicals and heavy metals in the body.  By taking nutritional supplementation and following our advice on EMF can also help strengthen your body's cells and immune system. 

To find out more, please contact us today.

Disclaimer:  AkuRy® Products may enhance general levels of your body’s vital ‘life’ energy; and so they may assist recovery and provide protection against damaging environmental pollution.  This material is presented for educational information only.  We each have the responsibility, obligation, and privilege to gain knowledge, wisdom and insight on how to have and maintain a healthy body naturally.

The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.





















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