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Do Animals Have A Purpose In Life?

By Rita Jelinski, Writer, Researcher, Animal Healer & Communicator

The concept of having a purpose in life is something many people may muse over at some stage in their life.  However, the likelihood of their pet actually having a purpose in life is a bit far-fetched.  Or is it? 

Now here’s the thing.  Animals are not the dumb, insentient creatures that we’ve been encouraged to believe they are and do indeed have a purpose beyond simply being our companions or looking cute at the end of a leash. 

Since animals cannot talk, we need to find a way of tuning into them. As with all things, some people are better at this than others and many people these days make a living as animal communicators. 

It was one such person who was able to help a couple in the US who had a problem with their disappearing cat.  The couple had moved to a house about half a mile from their old house.  It was in a pleasant, quiet neighbourhood with a big garden and should have provided the perfect home for their cat.  The cat, however, had other ideas, and kept running back to its old home. 

The couple were at their wits’ end and were desperate to find out why the cat was doing this.  The animal communicator tuned into their cat who was immediately insistent that the move had robbed him of his purpose in life.  The cat elaborated that at their former home, at 9.00am each morning, he’d stroll round the corner and position himself outside the entrance to the library.  He’d greet all the customers as they filed in and they’d reach down and pet him.  He loved his job and felt very fulfilled and brought a lot of pleasure to the people who used the library.

His humans – pets apparently don’t like to think that we own them and don’t consider us as their owners – were initially quite shocked by this; but upon reflection, they realised that it was his habit to sit outside the library each morning, yet it had never impacted upon them until now. 

What was to be done? There wasn’t a library-equivalent for several miles and they needed to find him a 'new job'.  They racked their brains and remembered that there was a residential home about a mile away and so they asked if it’d be possible to take their cat in several times a week and offer his services to the residents.  It was an excellent solution, everybody was happy and the cat no longer felt the need to run away and return to his former employment. 

A rather more poignant story came to my attention via an animal communicator called 'Nick' whom I met several years ago.  He was at pains to explain that animal communication doesn’t always 'fix' things but it can be pivotal in creating change between the animal and its human.  Animals can have a mission to accomplish and sometimes they have to die because their death can be the lesson for the owner.

A woman named 'Nancy' had rung him up because one of her dogs, a male dog called 'Chester', was behaving extremely aggressively towards other dogs and it was quite clear that he wanted to rip their throats out and kill them.  Nancy was desperate for Nick to communicate with Chester and see if there was anything that could be done to staunch his behaviour.

Before Nick had even had a chance to link with Chester, one of the other dogs, a little female called 'Molly', came in and told Nick that Chester was reflecting Nancy’s fear of men.  She showed her human as an eight year-old child and a male figure lurking in the background, a heavy feeling of abuse hanging in the air.  Nick asked if it was her father but it was apparently someone of a similar age.

When Nick related this back to Nancy, she was terribly upset because she’d never told anybody about this before, and Molly was pretty accurate because it was Nancy’s uncle who had abused her.

What tended to happen is that when Nancy’s husband would call to her from another room, the stimulus of his voice would bring up disturbing flashbacks from her past. 

Chester the dog told Nick that he wanted to help his ‘mum’ to overcome her past and move forward with her life.  The decision was made that Nick would perform 3 powerful Reiki sessions on Nancy in an attempt to heal her emotionally but unfortunately the dog got worse during these sessions.  Chester said that the Reiki was helping but it just wasn’t enough.  Nevertheless they decided to carry on with Reiki but whilst Nancy was improving little by little, it only served to exacerbate the dog’s condition. It just didn’t make sense.

Ultimately the day of reckoning arrived for Chester and he was taken to the vet to be put down.  Nick linked in with him and Chester said, “My mum’s not through this yet.  If I leave, she’ll have something to reflect on and I can help her to let go of her past emotions.  Please tell her not to remember me as a dog with a problem, but as an angel who came to help her.”  Chester admitted that he was a little nervous but that he was eager to get stuck into his next life.

A couple of months later, Nancy contacted Nick and told him that she felt better than ever and that she’d finally been able to let go of her wretched childhood memories which had haunted her for so long.  She really felt as though something quite superhuman had intervened to help her reach this state of security and happiness. 

It was clear that Chester had been able to do more for his owner once he’d left his physical body and had been able to heal her in an extremely potent way. 

This story is an indication of how our animals give us unconditional love and will keep on striving to help us, even when they’ve left this planet.  Animals will go to amazing lengths to assist, even if it means literally giving up their life for us.

And so, humans, today’s task is to ascertain what your pet’s purpose is in life.  My cat, like most cats, does little more than eat, sleep and purr, and allegedly cleanses the energy in our house, creating a peaceful, 'chilled-out' environment.  A most worthwhile purr-pose, I'd say!

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