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What ARE The Benefits Of Having A Course of Aqua DetoxTM Treatments?

Aqua DetoxTM really does have quite a profound and beneficial effect on the body's blood cells - resulting in them living longer - but don't just take our word for it! 

The effectiveness of Aqua DetoxTM and its ability to improve organ and vitality levels can be fully supported by various medical research conducted by renowned doctors and scientists around the globe, and more recently, Dr Sanjay Chaudhuri MBBS BSc and his extensive Live Blood Analysis in the UK.  

Blood cells Before an Aqua DetoxTM treatment (left): high degree of acidosis, toxins and bacteria and low levels of anti-bodies, oxygen and corpuscles.






Blood cells AFTER an Aqua DetoxTM treatment (right): normalised blood and acidity levels, significantly reduced levels of bacteria and pollution, with increased levels of antibodies, oxygen and energy in the cells.


Research specifically undertaken on the Aqua DetoxTM machine clearly illustrates, that Aqua DetoxTM:

  • Greatly improves blood circulation to improve organ function and aid the body's natural detoxification process.

  • Reduces blood cell adhesion to artery walls and normalises blood cell function.

  • Greatly enhances immunity function by increasing the presence of anti-bodies.

  • Increases energy levels by energising the body's cells and also freeing up 'vital' energy that's essential for the healthy functioning of the body.

  • Increases oxygen levels within the blood.

  • Reduces blood acidity levels and normalises blood pH levels.

  • Reduces bacteria and pollution levels, including toxins, simplest and fillit networks.

  • Strengthens blood cells so that they become stronger and live much longer.

  • Neutralises free radical damage by donating missing electrons to stabilise and normalise the damaged atoms within the body's cells.

IMPORTANT: There are now many unscrupulous foot spa ionising treatments on the market.  So, before you even consider undertaking a course of any foot spa ionising treatments, you should first ask to see the actual research conducted on that specific machine, to verify that the treatment will deliver what is promised.  Each make of machine is different and many machines operate at other frequencies to those used by Aqua DetoxTM which may not be safe, so please be aware of this. 

To further support our treatment, here is a selection of our many customer testimonials However, because each of us is 'bio-chemically' unique, an Aqua DetoxTM treatment can never be the same for any 2 people.  Symptoms and sources of toxicity can be caused by many different factors such as the environment, diet, stress, lifestyle and of course, genetics.  This often means a diverse set of treatment results, even for people with comparative symptoms. 

Yet, what the treatment will do for each and every client, is to 'bio-energetically' rebalance the body and have a hugely beneficial effect on the blood.  The more treatments you have over time, the more effective the treatment will be in strengthening the blood and its circulation, and so the more efficient your body will become at functioning and also self-healing.

Each treatment lasts 30 minutes and is totally painless and safe for adults, children and babies.  Please note that this service is currently available in Pinoso in the Alicante region only.

However, there are some exceptions to this, and therefore we would not recommend a treatment for the following: pregnant women (though it would not harm the baby), people wearing pace-makers/pulse adjusters/heart monitors or any electromagnetic devices, heart or organ transplant patients, blood cancer patients during chemotherapy treatment, Haemophiliacs, or people with a history of epileptic fits or convulsions, as it may possibly trigger an attack.

Many clients have reported that their existing health problems have been helped enormously by their course of Aqua DetoxTM treatments.  Clients have in fact seen vast improvements concerning head-aches, digestive disorders, allergies, arthritis and joint pain, ulcers, sleep disorders, chemical poisoning, stress levels, high cholesterol, lymph and liver/kidney function, menstrual problems, hormonal imbalances, heart and circulation problems, skin, sinus problems, urinary problems, ME, and much more.  In fact, Aqua DetoxTM is a Class IIa approved medical instrument throughout the UK.

So, what are you waiting for?  To restore health and harmony to your body, book your session with Natural Body Healing today.







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