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THE Cancer Programme That'll Strengthen Your Body Naturally To Fight Off Cancer

One in 3 people will get cancer, and out of these sufferers, sadly one in 4 will die from the condition.  Some patients rely solely on the cancer treatment and drugs recommended by their Hospital Consultant, which may or may not always be successful. 


So, why not be proactive by helping yourself and hence increase your chances of long-term survival?  You should look at strengthening your immune system by taking high quality, potent nutritional supplementation to NOURISH YOUR BODY.  You’d therefore encourage your body to fight the cancer naturally and have a better chance of preventing it from spreading or reoccurring.


Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) is THE global leader in technology in both the production and testing of herbal and dietary supplements.  We guarantee that EVERY bottle of EVERY PRODUCT will be the Purest, the Safest and the Most Potent that you'll find anywhere in the world.


NSP has developed an incredibly successful cancer programme that should be followed in conjunction with your own medical cancer treatment.  It’s based on a combination of natural herbal supplements that taken together are extremely powerful and highly effective in destroying cancerous cells and strengthening the body’s immune system. 


As part of the NSP Cancer Programme, we’d recommend that you start taking the following highly potent supplements immediately:


1. Paw Paw Cell-Regulator

Paw Paw Cell-Reg is a unique powerful product that selectively targets ‘abnormal’ cells to inhibit the cell’s ability to produce its own energy, therefore preventing it from growing.  Paw Paw Cell-Reg is patented and is exclusive to Nature’s Sunshine Products.


This supplement contains over 50 active compounds from the Paw Paw (otherwise known as Papaya) plant called ‘acetogenins’.  Acetogenins affect the production of ATP in the mitochondria (the energy powerhouse) within each cell.  ATP is the major source of cellular energy.  By selectively disrupting the production of ATP in specific ‘abnormal’ cells, the acetogenins reduce the growth rate of the blood vessels that nourish the cancer cells, rendering them more dormant.  


Paw Paw Cell-Reg is an excellent alternative or indeed a logical supplement to be taken alongside chemotherapy.  Studies show that its bioactive components can indeed shrink cancer tumours.  Research recently conducted by Dr Fred Valeriote from the Ford Cancer Clinic in the US, showed that when Paw Paw Cell-Reg was added to a culture of cancer cells, the cancer cells died very quickly, illustrating the powerful effect of the supplement.


However, when both Paw Paw Cell-Reg and another amazing NSP supplement called ‘Zambroza’ (more info below) were both added together, the live cancer cells died extremely quickly, with better synergistic results than when just one of these supplements was taken, making them even more powerful when taken together.  The great news is the Paw-Paw Cell-Reg only targets the cancer cells, unlike chemotherapy, which targets healthy cells too and severely compromises the immune system.

Nature’s Sunshine Paw Paw Cell-Reg is the only standardised acetogenin product available.  It utilises an extract of the twigs from the North American paw paw tree, which contains the most concentrated amount of acetogenins. 


Standardisation is significant because the concentration of active acetogenins in pawpaw twigs changes according to various conditions, including the time of year in which they are harvested. Cheaper non-standardised alternatives are available, but they have shown to be not as 'effective' or 'powerful'; a factor which is not that helpful for those suffering with a rapidly-growing cancerous condition.  Each capsule contains 12.5 mg of standardised paw paw twig extract.

IMPORTANT: Only those patients with cellular abnormalities should take this powerful supplement on a regular or daily basis.  You should not take this product if you are pregnant, think you may become pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding. 


Further info and Scientific papers about Paw Paw can be located at:

Tree of Light Publishing




2. Zambroza
Inflammation is the FIRST stage of all disease including cancer and other degenerative diseases.  Zambroza is a ‘super-charged’ juice blend that provides a rich supply of powerful antioxidants known to reduce inflammation and protect the body’s tissues against oxidative stress or free radical damage, that occur in cancer.  In addition, Zambroza helps the body fight the effects of ageing (the main symptom of free radical damage), promotes energy, helps maintain healthy cell growth and it enhances the immune system.


Zambroza is formulated with 10 highly nutritious organic fruit and herbal extracts including mangosteen, wolfberry (goji berry), apple extract, blueberry, concord grape, grape seed, grape skin, green tea, red berry and raspberry – each specifically chosen for their remarkable health benefits.


In fact according to independent research, it’s the world’s most powerful antioxidant drink because it contains extremely high levels of ‘xanthones’ that can be found in the pericarp (outer skin) of the Mangosteen fruit. The mangosteen fruit also contains important catechins, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins.  Mangosteen has much scientific research to support its effectiveness - more than most other health supplements and more than many prescription drugs. 


Xanthones have shown to be highly beneficial to the body, which has been verified in many laboratory vitro tests.  According to medical research, Xanthones are anti-bacterial (and so protect DNA), anti-viral, anti-leukaemia, anti-fungal (this is critical for all cancer patients), and anti-parasitic, as well as providing powerful antioxidant benefits (at least 30 different kinds of xanthones are found in the mangosteen fruit alone.  When taken in conjunction with Paw Paw Cell-Reg, Zambroza has been shown to shrink tumours, destroy the proliferation of cancerous cells and can cause ‘apoptosis’ (programmed cell death) for many types of cancer.


Further info and research papers about Paw Paw and Zambroza can be located at: (please note 'Thai-Go' is the US brand name for Zambroza)



3. Immune Formula

Immune Formula is a blend of natural ingredients known to help maintain a healthy immune system and also acts as an antioxidant.  It is a combination of beta-glucans, arabinogalactan, colostrum, reishi mushroom, maitake mushroom and cordyceps.  Importantly, for cancer sufferers, its antioxidant activity protects the integrity of DNA and it also promotes macrophage activity, which strengthens the body’s natural defence system against enemy attack.  Immune Formula increases immunoglobulin proteins in the intestinal tract to combat foreign invaders.


a)    Beta-glucans which stimulates the immune system into action by increasing the production of macrophages, T-Cells, natural killer cells and cytokines;

b)    Arabinogalactan which stimulates natural killer cells and macrophage activity and it also helps increase the flora of Bifidobacteria and Lactobaciilus – two beneficial types of intestinal flora;

c)    Colostrum is the first milk produced by mammals before the onset of lactation and is rich in immune-enhancing transfer factors that support the immune system of the newborn.  It also helps protect beneficial micro-organisms in the intestinal tract to bolster their defenses;

d)    Reishi mushroom and maitake mushroom are from the same family and they boost immune activity, increase the activation of natural killer cells and activate macrophages;

e)    Cordyceps protects genes by promoting the integrity of DNA and increases T-cell and B-cell activity that is critical to immune response. 





Proactazyme is a fantastic general purpose enzyme supplement from plant sources containing, protease, amylase, glucoamylase, lipase, pectinase and cellulase.  It helps the body digest all food types and helps break down difficult to digest foods and so maximise digestion.

As we grow older, our bodies produce fewer enzymes and consequently our digestion becomes impaired. When a suboptimal level of digestive enzymes exists, undigested foods can pass through the intestinal tract and remain undigested which ferments and encourages the breeding of bad bacteria in the bowel.  The presence of undigested proteins especially has been linked to worsening effects on overall health and vitality.

Importantly, the protease digestive enzyme also supports immunity by activating macrophages and natural killer cells.  NSP’s formula provides a full spectrum of plant-derived trace minerals, which help activate enzymes.  




Research indicates that colloidal silver deactivates the enzymes responsible for the metabolism and multiplication of bacteria, fungi and viruses.  Nature’s Sunshine’s Silver Shield Colloidal Silver is totally safe and effective in weakening these parasitic organisms and strengthening the immune system. 


Please be aware that many chemotherapy drugs are very damaging to the immune system, especially to an already weakened system.  Therefore, if you do have chemo, please remember to boost your immunity immediately before, during, and after completing your course with each of these powerful supplements (however, please refer to the important note below about the use of antioxidants DURING your chemo treatment itself.


IMPORTANT NOTE: For any of the above NSP recommendations, if you’ve been prescribed cancer drugs or you’re presently following a course of treatments, you must first check with your Consultant as to whether your specific treatment could be affected if you take nutritional supplements. 


As with many other subjects within the 'academia' community, medical opinion is divided as to whether taking antioxidants such as Zambroza during cancer treatment is actually a good or bad thing.  For example, some oncologists feel that large amounts of antioxidants may interfere with the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments and therefore they perhaps would not recommend that you take antioxidant supplements at the same time. 


However, the latest research has since shown that the use of antioxidants can actually increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy because it can help reduce tumour size, help speed up ‘apoptosis’ or the programmed death of cancer cells, help increase patient survival rates and therefore longevity.  Also thankfully, the patient has a greater ability to tolerate the treatment as they tend to suffer fewer side effects.


Whatever the outcome of the present debate, antioxidants can and must be taken prior to and after completing your full course of chemotherapy, to help repair the extensive cellular damage.


If your Consultant is unsure about whether you can take our recommended supplements, then please contact us and we will check whether they would interfere with your treatment or medication.  We can do this by obtaining clarification from our own professional team of in-house pharmacists, who are highly familiar with the individual ingredients within each of our supplements. 


For full details concerning dosage on any of the above supplements, please contact us To further assist you, we've also provided some tips for taking herbal supplements where we've provided answers to some FAQs.


Remember - prevention is always better than cure.  To decrease the risk of cancer, you should seriously look at your diet, lifestyle and surrounding environment.  Here are some useful tips that you may wish to consider.  Always endeavour to stay positive and keep yourself both physically and mentally strong.


Finally, to order a selection of recommended books and authoritative reports concerning cancer research and treatment, please visit, the American Institute of Cancer Research and


The nutritional supplement product links stated in this article can only be purchased from this website in UK and in Europe; however all other health product links stated on this page are available worldwide from Natural Body Healing.  


The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.







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