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Boost Your Immune System with the Amazing Powers of Colloidal Silver

By Liz Barrington, Natural Body Healing


Although Colloidal Silver has been used for many centuries to treat infections, modern researchers are only recently just re-discovering that ‘silver’ kills bacteria.  Colloidal Silver has powerful antimicrobial properties and is a liquid containing a suspension of very fine particles of pure silver in water which helps destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses.  It’s most commonly used as a natural antibiotic and to promote healing or fight disease in the body.  When taken internally, it has a powerfully positive effect on the immune system.


Extensive research at Syracuse University in New York into the healing properties of silver conclude that silver works on a wide range of bacteria, without any known side-effects or damage to the cells of the body; in fact it is found to be totally safe when the recommended dosage is followed.


Studies show that Colloidal Silver only attacks the ‘unfriendly’ pathogens which are ‘anaerobic’ in nature and will not harm the friendly bacteria that are ‘aerobic’ in nature.  Furthermore, Colloidal Silver does not attack bacteria directly, but rather disables certain enzymes the anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and moulds each require to survive.  As a result, ALL infection-causing organisms were destroyed by the silver ions including some strains that were resistant to all known antibiotics.  This is great news because there is very little chance of them developing resistance to Colloidal Silver which incidentally is not consumed in the process.


Colloidal Silver is highly effective because:

1) It kills off anaerobic bacteria, yeast and viruses wherever it comes into contact with them, and so it completely supports the immune system against most types of disease and infections at the same time. In fact, Colloidal Silver can often be referred to as a ‘second immune system’.


Silver particles disable bacterial enzymes that normally replicate bacterial DNA making it impossible for the bacterium to divide.  Literally within a very short time of being exposed to Colloidal Silver, the pathogen will ‘suffocate’ and die and will therefore be cleared out of the body along with its waste by-products by our immune, lymphatic and elimination systems. 


2) Colloidal Silver is highly effective in destroying more than 650 disease-causing pathogens and other harmful micro-organisms themselves – compared to antibiotics that are only effective against about 12 forms of bacteria and fungi but NEVER viruses.


3) Through using Colloidal Silver, there has never been an incident known whereby resistant pathogen strains have developed.


4) Colloidal Silver rapidly accelerates the healing of injured and damaged tissues which may have been attacked and consumed by the infection-causing organisms.


5) Colloidal Silver is absolutely safe for humans and all multi-celled living matter.


So, how do you take Colloidal Silver?  Colloidal Silver can be taken orally, nasally and it can also be sprayed or applied topically, as in a gel for instance. 


When using Colloidal Silver, you do need to drink AT LEAST 1 litre of water a day to aid the flushing-out or detoxification process.  Furthermore, to avoid toxins quickly flooding the bloodstream and liver, it’s best to build up the use of Colloidal Silver gradually, and then use it until your symptoms are relieved. 


Colloidal Silver also makes an excellent water purifier and is essential to take with you on holiday or whenever you travel, just in case you pick up a bit of a tummy bug!


Here are just some of the conditions that Colloidal Silver has been proven to be successful in helping:



Bad breath

Colds and flu





Body odour



Insect bites








Athletes Foot



Hay fever

Nappy rash & other rashes

Stomach upsets & diarrhoea


Chronic fatigue



Parasitic infections (viral, yeast, bacterial and fungal)



What’s more, Colloidal Silver can be used in and around the home, by spraying in areas such as:


Rubbish bins to prevent odours

Razors and toothbrushes

Plant foliage to stop fungi, mould and plant rot and most other plant diseases

Fridge, freezer and food storage areas

Telephone handsets, headsets and on Computer keyboards

Inside shoes and inside watchstraps to deodorise these areas

Kitchen worktops and food preparation areas

Hand and nails before food preparation

Underarm area and feet – as a deodorant

Showers, baths, toilets and toilet seats

Inside opened jam and condiment jars and on top of food to prevent mould

In crowded public places, on airplanes, at workplaces – to prevent infection by airborne pathogens


You do however need to be careful with Colloidal Silver and you should only choose a very high quality silver - otherwise it could lead to heavy metal build-up in the body, resulting in blue fingernails or even blue skin which is permanent.  Furthermore, poor quality silvers can also kill the good bowel flora in the intestinal tract. 


It is therefore absolutely essential that you only use a high-quality Colloidal Silver that has been produced by the safest, highest-quality manufacturer whose reputation is known and trusted.  It’s for this reason that we recommend Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield which is totally safe and effective in weakening these parasitic organisms and strengthening the immune system.


Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield with Aqua Sol Technology uses only the finest 18ppm of particle-size silver colloids that stays suspended in purified, deionised water to ensure maximum bioavailability and efficiency.  Just one teaspoon provides a full 90 mcg of pure silver without heavy metal contamination.


Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield Gel also acts as a moisturiser for the skin.  It is completely non-toxic, is made with food-grade ingredients, it contains no alcohol and is totally safe for children.  With its antimicrobial properties, our Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield Gel with Aqua Sol Technology provides 24ppm of silver in a clear gel that moisturises and helps destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses in wounds, cuts, grazes, rashes etc.


The effects of Colloidal Silver during pregnancy are unknown, so we currently do NOT recommend that you take Colloidal Silver during pregnancy.  Also, Colloidal Silver should only be taken for 2-3 months at a time, to also give the body’s immune system an opportunity to strengthen itself naturally rather than simply relying on the Colloidal Silver to destroy unwanted organisms.


Please note that Colloidal Silver must be kept in a cool place (but NOT in the refrigerator), be kept out of all direct sunlight and also away from electro-magnetic fields.  If you have any questions about our Silver Shield Colloidal Silver products, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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