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Breathe Deeply to Harmonise Your Body, Thoughts and Emotions
By Glenys Brown, Founder of the College of Energy Medicine, Medical Intuitive and Qi Gong Master

Begin realizing the life you want by building your practice of Qi Gong.  Original Energy Medicine is based upon you using your own energy field where you experience your own energy fields and bring your inner abilities into your everyday life.

Practice can bring profound healing, change and development into your daily life. You can be more effective in all life areas with inner balance. Harness your energy senses and skills to assist yourself and others. You can use your subtle energy to bring ease, love and enjoyment into every day.

Breathe for Life. Use Qigong natural breathing; Harmony breathing. Check out which part of your body rises as your breathe in.  If it is your chest, your lungs do not get sufficient oxygen through them to keep all of you healthy. 


Are you aware that your breath is a great way to open up your attention and create a path to easy action?

Often some of us find we are so busy we succumb to our old habits. Not this year.  It is a year of appreciation and achievement; appreciation of what we have and steps in achievement of our desire.

First step is now, in this moment. Notice your breath. Is it soft and regular?  Is there slight movement in the top of your chest or near your navel? Did your breathing pattern change as you focused you attention on it?

Your breath is amazing. Without its energy you have no body, thoughts, and emotions.  At any time, day or night it is there to assist you.  Used with mind-body intent it delivers to you whatever is needed in every field of your life.

When you laugh you laugh from your abdomen area and when you cry you sob from your upper chest. Which area in your body do you want your breathing to be strongest?  Yes, your abdomen, the area of your centre of gravity.

Learn how to go back to the ‘belly’ breathing you used as a baby. This can bring back your sense of wonder, freedom from worry and anxiety.  Then you will be able to relax and stay alert, attend to the moment, make easier decisions and have more fun and pleasure in all you do.

Good breathing habits lift your endorphins, your natural pain killers, and your whole body and energy field receives positive messages. Your breath will keep your autonomic nervous system strong when you use specific breathing practices to energise it. 


Positive experiences will flow to you when you use your breath to keep you relaxed, alert, and healthy.  'Like attracts like' is a major law of energy.  The more positive energy you have the more life is easy on the outside while peaceful on the inside.


Your breath is the most natural, organic, and available thing you have to create and re-create your life.  Do ‘belly’ breathing a few minutes daily.  Relax your belly as you inhale and tighten it with each slow exhale.  Practise and your actions will bear positive fruit.



About Glenys Brown’s College of Energy Medicine in Perth Western Australia
The original energy medicine programs offered by the College are based on the learning and practice of Glenys Brown, an energy intuitive and Qi Gong master teacher.  The programs also bring the ancient life healing and modern science together to form a new paradigm for now and the future.  Learn the new 21st Century way of being and living in health and wellbeing by visiting Glenys' website

Energy medicine is both complete in itself, and complementary to other health care and life approaches.


The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.


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