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Aqua DetoxTM - Customer Testimonials

For many years, due to a lifestyle full of anxiety, I used to have real problems sleeping for more than 3-4 hours a night.  I regularly woke up about 2am each morning but then found it difficult to get back to sleep.  I experienced ‘stress’ headaches regularly and was constantly exhausted, often using large doses of caffeine to help keep me alert during the day.  The use of Aqua DetoxTM has been a real turning point for me and ever since - my life has been transformed.  After just one session, I felt much of my anxiety had been lifted and my headaches disappeared completely.  More importantly, I am relaxed and I now get a good 7-8 hours of good quality sleep each and every night.  I certainly would recommend the use of Aqua DetoxTM , without hesitation.  I now have a new lease of life and I feel like a completely different person!”     

EB, Daventry - UK


My health has improved considerably as a result of using Aqua DetoxTM.  I had suffered from IBS since my teens – and this is no longer an issue.  I lived with a blocked lymph node under my right arm for years and this has now gone.  I’ve also experienced an uplift in energy, my PMT has improved and I’m certainly feeling much more relaxed - I’m so pleased I took out a course of 10 treatments!”

 Margaret, Byfield - UK


I used to experience several problems with menstruation, with regular bleeding half-way through each month as well as at the end of the month.  This constant bleeding was very tiring and indeed uncomfortable.  After several sessions, the irregular bleeding disappeared completely and my menstrual cycle is now back to normal again – lasting only a few days!”

Trish, N. Oxon -UK


"I've had a large swelling in my right ankle for over 3 years.  After just one Aqua Detox session, I noticed that the swelling had reduced considerably.  Now, after 6 sessions, my ankle is almost back to normal.  In addition, my chesty cough has gone and the rheumatism in my knees and legs is much better now." 

J. Cleaver, Coventry - UK


After several Aqua DetoxTM treatments, my 7cm leg ulcer has all but disappeared.”

EP, Middx - UK


I used to take 20mg of blood pressure pills a day, now that I use Aqua DetoxTM my BP is normal.”

NB, Surrey


I initially booked a course of 6 treatments as recommended - and after just a few DetoxTM sessions, I noticed a considerable improvement to my hair and nails - they were so much stronger!”

Betty, Warwicks -UK


For months, I had severe problems with my lymphatic system due to the accumulation of many years working in stressful environments, long distance commuting, plus a busy social life and many hours working out at the gym.  This really put a strain on my body’s lymphatic system, which became very sluggish and blocked, and I felt run down most of the time.  Now that I have Aqua DetoxTM sessions regularly, my lymph is flowing freely and my glands are working much more efficiently - just as they should be.  I feel so much calmer now, with a lot more energy!”

Libby, Northants - UK


My 2-week old baby had eczema all over her.  One 10-minute treatment and it had all disappeared!”

MS - Spain


My wife has a brain tumour and was not expected to live beyond last Christmas.  In August this year she was the belle of the ball at her daughter’s wedding.  Thank you Aqua DetoxTM.”

Dr. S - Kent


So, what are you waiting for?  To restore health and harmony to your body, book your session with Natural Body Healing today.

Please note: Extensive research to date has found no evidence that any type of medication is affected by an Aqua-Detox™ treatment.  However, if you are still a little concerned, then your medication can be taken after the treatment itself.







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