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What Happens During An Aqua DetoxTM Treatment?

Two-thirds of our body is made out of water.  That's why it's so important for each of us to drink plenty of fluid throughout the day to replenish the levels required for our cells to function properly, otherwise our cells would stagnate and decay. 

The watery fluids within and surrounding our cells also contain various types of salt that conduct electricity.  Each of our trillions of cells have to constantly rely upon chemical reactions and electrical currents every millisecond, to enable them to communicate with one other, take action and produce energy for the body. 

Because our cells rely upon the transfer of electrical currents to work efficiently, in order to remain healthy, each cell therefore has to have a negative potential of between 70 and 90 millivolts; in other words, the right amount of positive and negative charge, otherwise the body cannot function properly. 

If there is an overload of positive ions as shown in the second image on the left, the cell is not able to absorb nutrients or excrete waste effectively which can lead to disease.  Aqua DetoxTM can help correctly re-balance the body's cellsBut how does it work?

Well, during a treatment, the feet are placed into a foot bowl of warm water into which a little salt has been added.  An array, that's connected to the Aqua DetoxTM power unit, is also placed into the water to emit a low-voltage resonant electric current (consisting of an intermittent positive and negative charge, every 30 seconds.  This current electrolytically charges the water, resulting in the saline water becoming separated into both positive and negative ions, to create the process known as 'ionisation'. 

Research shows that ‘ionisation’ is in fact extremely beneficial to the human body.  An excessive amount of positive ions in the body which is all too common these days, can lead to illness and disease.  The re-introduction of balanced cellular energy allows the body to increase its oxygen supply to all the organs of the body and kick-start any processes that the body may not be performing effectively.  Ionisation therefore improves health, enhances well-being and restores natural harmony.

Similar to what happens within the body's own fluids, the weak saline solution in the bowl enables the transfer of the Aqua DetoxTM current.  Because the feet are already in the water, the saline water within the bowl becomes an extension of the body's own saline fluids.  As a result, the 'resonant' frequency gently vibrates to 'bio-stimulate' the body's cells too. 

Aqua DetoxTM therefore encourages the healthy balance of positive and negative ions to circulate around the body, resonating and stimulating cells as the frequency moves about, freeing up blocked energies and releasing cellular toxins that may have built up.  Consequently, the body's cells are correctly restored back into balance to enable the body's organ and cellular function to harmonise and work at optimum efficiency.

Throughout, and between 1-2 days after the treatment, as the body re-adjusts, toxins continue to be released from each cell and are excreted through the usual channels, in sweat, urine and faeces.  Therefore, Aqua DetoxTM also aids the body's natural detoxification process.


With the westernised-lifestyles we tend to lead these days; with our stress-levels, our poor diets, our exposure to electrical equipment, it doesn't take long for our bodies to be overloaded with positive ions and so become out of balance again.  Hence regular Aqua DetoxTM maintenance treatments are recommended to restore harmony to the body.


Please note that this service is available in Pinoso in Alicante Spain only.

So Why Does The Water Colour Change? 

There are many factors that are unique to each of us as individuals that will influence the changes in the water colour.  For example, the process of ionisation itself creates a formation of solids in the water; bubbles can also appear throughout the session.  The toxins from our bodies (which are normally clear, as in perspiration) react with the ionised water to also contribute to the colour change.

Furthermore, our own internal conditions influence the water – our feet possess either acidic or alkaline properties and our skin can also contain traces of deodorant, creams, soap, nail varnish, bacteria, shoe dye, fungi, environmental pollutants and fibres.  There could also be dead cells present within the water and a release of substances from the sebaceous glands. Body and water temperature can also affect the chemical reactions in the water.  Similarly, chemicals already contained in the water itself react and even the mild corrosion from the array can cause some colour change also.


Because of so many differing factors, it is NOT possible to provide an accurate diagnosis based purely upon the water colour.  Many unscrupulous therapists and ioniser equipment suppliers make outrageous claims about the diagnosis of the colour of the water and they even provide illustrated colour charts!  Please note these are totally false claims; there is NO research available to prove that weaknesses within certain body organs or systems can be diagnosed from the colours in the water; they are simply misleading! If in doubt, you should always ask them to provide the research behind their claims.  That is why it's so important to visit trusted therapists, such as those at Natural Body Healing who are totally honest, and who will not attempt to mislead you.








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