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Re-Balancing and Detoxifying Your Body

Water is so important for the body's cells and systems to function healthily.  In fact, two-thirds of your body is made out of water. Without sufficient water, vital energy flows becomes blocked, body cells stagnate and so cellular toxins remain in the body which can often lead to disease. To prevent dehydration, you should aim to drink between 2 - 3 litres of filtered or bottled water every day, even more if you exercise regularly or live in a hot climate.  Drinking magnetised filtered water and then adding Liquid Chlorophyll which are so much better for you and can help establish balance and harmony in the body and encourage healthy bowel flora.

Prior to embarking on any new dietary or fitness regime, it's important that your body is completely re-hydrated and regularly 'cleansed' to eliminate the stagnation and enable the effective digestion, utilisation and absorption of nutrients within your body's cells.

At Natural Body Healing, if you live in the UK or in Europe we offer a simple yet highly effective 10-Day Herbal Cleanse Programme, that includes our Healthy Starter Pack, Liquid Chlorophyll and also Bifidophilus that can be ordered online today.  Following the cleanse, clients experience so much more energy, vitality, clearer skin, flatter tummies and a general feeling of improved health; especially for those suffering from allergies, rashes, asthma - in fact, any condition that results from high levels of toxicity in the body.


If you're fortunate to live in the Alicante region of Spain, we also offer a simple, effortless solution for rebalancing and cleansing - the Aqua DetoxTM treatment, the leading technology in detoxification.  If you've never heard of this amazing treatment before - let us introduce you to it.



Introducing Aqua DetoxTM - To Restore Balance and Harmony Back Into The Body.  The Original Ioniser Foot Spa Fully Supported by Its Own Research. 


All 'life' on earth and across the universe is 'electro-magnetically' charged; every living creature on Earth depends upon 'endogenous' fields (internal electric and magnetic fields) that send signals around its structure or body to control its systems and functioning, and for us, this means co-ordinating signals between our brain, nerves and muscles.


The body relies upon these 'static' energy fields to create and restore balance and harmony within us.  Millions of electrical energies and impulses resonate every millisecond of our life within our body to make it possible for our billions of cells to communicate with each other.  However, due to our diets, our lifestyles, our stress levels, and the toxic environment in which we live, our bodies become overloaded and our natural energy sources therefore become blocked or depleted.


Aqua DetoxTM is a form of 'Vibrational Therapy'.  It basically helps to heal illness because it manipulates our subtle energy fields by directing energy into the body to positively affect those systems that are out-of-balance perhaps due to disease.  By rebalancing the energy fields that regulate our cellular activity, Aqua DetoxTM helps to restore order not only from a physical perspective, but from a higher 'energetic' level of human functioning. 


When Was Aqua DetoxTM Developed?

Based upon a lifetime of research by Dr Royal Rife, the Aqua Detox machine was originally researched and developed by Dr Mary Staggs in 2001, a leading specialist in electro-magnetics, along with fellow scientists in Spain and Russia.


It was during a 2-year research period and Dr Staggs was in Russia working on a ‘concept foot spa machine’ (that was under development at the time), that Dr Staggs performed ‘before and after’ blood tests on a variety of patients who underwent the treatment.  Amazingly, she discovered the dramatic healing effect on the 'bio-energetic field' of the body that the machine was having on each patient.  Her in-depth research concluded that the machine had in fact helped the body rebalance its 'bio-energetic field' to restore natural healing energy levels and stimulate cellular and organ function. 


Dr Staggs subsequently developed the unit which is now known as the Aqua DetoxTM Foot Spa and rolled it out across Europe.  As in the illustration, the body's bio-energetic field is shown before and after an Aqua DetoxTM treatment.  As a result of improved functionality, each cell is able to release its harmful toxins and absorb more nutrients.


No matter how healthy you feel you are, Aqua Detox will help improve everyday bodily functions. Research proves that Aqua Detox greatly increases blood circulation, immunity function, organ function and energy levels. The treatment also reduces blood acidity levels, along with bacteria and pollution levels within the body, thus enabling the blood cells to become stronger and live much longer.  For your own safety, we do not recommend that you undergo imitation treatments, unless they can be backed by their own conclusive research studies.


Aqua DetoxTM is totally painless and safe and each treatment lasts 30 minutes for adults, and even less for children and babies. 


However, there are some exceptions to this, and therefore we would not recommend a treatment for the following: pregnant women (though it would not harm the baby), people wearing pace-makers/pulse adjusters/heart monitors or any electromagnetic devices, heart or organ transplant patients, blood cancer patients during chemotherapy treatment, Haemophiliacs, or people with a history of epileptic fits or convulsions, as it may possibly trigger an attack.


Please note that this service is available in the Alicante region of Spain only.






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