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Energy Medicine: 7 Top Tips for Immune Boosters and Flu Busters
By Glenys Brown, Founder of the College of Energy Medicine, Medical Intuitive and Qi Gong Master

Begin realizing the life you want by building your practice of Qi Gong.  Original Energy Medicine is based upon you using your own energy field where you experience your own energy fields and bring your inner abilities into your everyday life.

Practice can bring profound healing, change and development into your daily life. You can be more effective in all life areas with inner balance. Harness your energy senses and skills to assist yourself and others. You can use your subtle energy to bring ease, love and enjoyment into every day.

It is time for us to give extra attention to our life health through strengthening our immune system. Whatever the season, now is a good time to give your immune system a boost.  Whether you are 5, 55 or 95 years old, winter has its own challenges.  You can avoid costly medical expenses when you use your own energy field to boost every area of your life.

Two critical areas in Medical Qigong that need to work well for a strong immunity, are your adrenal glands and your kidneys. they are the stalwarts of your immune system. Unfortunately most of us don't realise they need assistance until they are worn down.

Choose one of two of the following practices to give your kidneys and adrenals a boost in strength. Give them opportunity to regain or retain their full health all the year round.

  1. Breathe for Life. Use Qigong natural breathing; Harmony breathing. Check out which part of your body rises as your breathe in. If it is your chest your lungs do not get sufficient oxygen through them to keep all of you healthy.

  2. Give yourself the gift of some simple self massage each day. Start with your hands & feet. Pinch each side of your finger nails, massage your palms and each finger until very warm. Pinch your toes the same and rub the sole of each foot with the palm of your hand. Be firm and massage for the heel to off the toes. Do as many times as you want up to 100 for each foot. This has the added advantage of bringing stress from the top of your body down and out. Include massaging your ears as they are covered in acupressure points.

  3. Massage your spleen and liver making circles with your palms on the right and left side at the bottom of your rib cage. Do two-three minutes. This will help regulate your immune system.

  4. Strengthen and calm your immune system and adrenals. Breathe in as you run your finger tips from the sides of your face on the outside of the corners of your eyes, up your head near your ears to above the top to your ear lobes. Breathe out as you run your finger tips down the back of your head and neck. Let your finger tips hang you hands from the back of your shoulders for five seconds. Cross your palms in the centre of your chest for a minute or two.

  5. Rub your palms together until very hot. Place them on the middle of your back and rub up and down nine times. Use your fists (slightly open) to rub down from the middle of your back, outside of legs, across your feet, up the inside of legs to waist and start again at the middle of the back. Repeat nine times.

  6. Walk outside in natural surroundings when you can. Inside, avoid over-use of heaters and air-conditioners. Overuse weakens your immune system and it is harder for it to adjust your body temperature as needed.

  7. Food Qi. Eat cleaned, cooked, organic food where possible. Daily-east nine yellow-orange and green leafy vegetables. Best to have the type of food that suits your body, experience, and taste. At night eat food rich in minerals and vitamin B's or a pharmaceutical level Magnesium and mineral compound.

About Glenys Brown’s College of Energy Medicine in Perth Western Australia
The original energy medicine programs offered by the College are based on the learning and practice of Glenys Brown, an energy intuitive and Qi Gong master teacher.  The programs also bring the ancient life healing and modern science together to form a new paradigm for now and the future.  Learn the new 21st Century way of being and living in health and wellbeing by visiting Glenys' website

Energy medicine is both complete in itself, and complementary to other health care and life approaches.


The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.


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