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Our Amazingly Powerful and Effective 'Integrated Healing' Therapy

At Natural Body Healing, we love to work with clients using Integrated Healing with advanced Kinesiology techniques who are amazed at the results that we can achieve.

Kinesiology is an amazingly powerful modern approach to complementary health that uses ‘Muscle Testing’ to give bio-feedback and to identify areas of stress (emotional or physical), imbalance or dysfunction in the body’s energy systems. Kinesiology is a non-invasive, revolutionary holographic form of healing that offers deep and lasting relief from a wide range of emotional, spiritual, mental, neurological and physical issues by addressing the client’s ‘being’ as a whole.

Natural Body Healing’s Integrated Healing with Kinesiology brings together healing modalities from the East and the West by combining Chinese Meridian therapy, Acupressure, Sound Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Essences, Laser, Medical Intuitive techniques and other vibrational therapies for energy balancing, along with muscle testing, anatomy, physiology and psychology used in the west.

Integrated Healing is one of the most advanced forms of kinesiology currently available, combining kinesiology, life coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to create a powerful and effective approach to healing. One of the main benefits of kinesiology is that you don’t have to re-live the trauma, nor even talk about it if you don’t want to. Using this combination, balance is restored balance in the client’s body by eliminating energetic and psychological blockages, whilst honouring the wisdom of the client’s own body and restoring its natural healing ability.

Using Integrated Healing, therapists have successfully addressed a wide range of issues such as:

Physical Issues:
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Clearing Negative Consequences of Injury
• Fertility Issues
• Food Sensitivities
• Hip Rotation
• Pain
• Sexual Issues
• Spine/Back Alignment
• Sports Injuries
• Thyroid Balance
• Women’s Health including PMT and Polycystic Ovaries

Mental and Emotional Issues:
• ADHD and Learning Difficulties
• Brain Integration
• Emotional Trauma
• Healing the Inner Child
• Lack of Self-Confidence
• Phobias and Anxiety
• Psychological Issues
• Reclaiming Personal Power
• Self-Sabotage and Self-Limiting Beliefs
• Stress
• Survival Programs

Spiritual Issues:
• Clearing Invasive Energies (Geopathic Stress, Foreign Energies etc)
• Clearing Spiritual Blockages
• Soul Integration, and much more

Integrated Healing practitioners do not believe that they ‘heal’ their clients. Instead, they believe that they are ‘channels’ to facilitate healing and that the healing is carried out by the client’s ‘being’.

The body is designed as a wonderful self-healing entity. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, it sometimes forgets what its optimal state is like, or else it cannot access that state without help. The practitioner provides that assistance.

An analogy we often use is that of a running stream of water; a tree falls, blocking the flow. The water will find its way around or over the tree, often taking a different path from before. In a similar way, in response to some kind of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual stressor, our bodies have to make compensations or adaptations, resulting in blocked energy.

The practitioner helps the client to elevate their energetic vibrational level so as to be able to remove the ‘tree’, clean out the old ‘stream bed’ and restore the ‘water flow’.

Healing takes place on three levels in the person’s being: Cellular, Spiritual and Genetic. Because Integrated Healing works holographically, balances clear dysfunctions and/or issues on all three levels at the same time, it’s quite amazing and it’s so powerful yet simple.

Intent is a crucial issue in healing in general and kinesiology in particular. It is always essential that the practitioner’s intent is pure, based on Unconditional Love for the client and on doing only what is in the client’s ‘Highest Good’. ‘Highest Good’ means in the client’s best interest as revealed by the client’s ‘being’ through muscle-testing.

Physical Pain
Many people panic when faced with pain, or at the very least consider pain to be a bad thing. In Integrated Healing, we consider pain to be a ‘messenger’, asking us not to do a particular activity until we sort out a related dysfunction.

It is our experience, and that of many people we speak with, that the site of the pain is frequently not at its source – for example, an unaligned spine may cause hip, knee or ankle pain (to name but three common areas.)

Unfortunately, if you work on the hip, because that is where the pain is, relief will only be temporary at best, because what is being treated is a ‘symptom’, and not the root cause.

In Integrated Healing, we test the body to find the root cause of the pain and focus the healing wherever the client’s body tells us it needs it. It takes away the guesswork and any need for a prescriptive approach.

Soul Integration
We all know people who, no matter what the change-work they’ve undertaken, never get healed or their health improves for a while but then it deteriorates again. They often wander from healer to healer, always searching for that ‘missing something’ but never finding it. Alternatively, they fill their lives with addictive behaviours, trying to fill the void, or to dull their constant awareness of feeling ‘incomplete’. Typical comments are ‘A part of me observes with my mind, but I don’t connect with the emotional feeling’ or ‘when he left it felt like he took a part of me with him’.

Just as our brains may suffer from integration problems so can our ‘souls’. It does not mean that a part of the soul has wandered off. Rather, it means that communication between parts of the soul has become disrupted. We therefore can work on retrieving those missing parts of the Soul to bring them back ‘home’ to their rightful place so the client can feel ‘complete’ again.

Many clients report that once their being reveals the deep-seated root causes underlying their issue(s) and we work to address those during the session(s), their psychological and/or physical symptoms seem to disappear. Despite its simplistic approach, addressing the root cause at every possible level is why Integrated Healing is becoming such an amazingly successful and powerful healing therapy.

Contact Natural Body Healing today to see how our Integrated Healing therapy can help restore health and harmony to your body at emotional, spiritual, mental, neurological and physical levels.





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