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Introducing the Revolutionary Laser-Light Kinesiology

By Renzo Celani, Energy Healer & Ingelin Vestly Sevåg, ART Kinesiology Practitioner and Trainer

Lasers have been used for many years to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, energise the body and reduce pain.  Laser light has been shown to remove stagnation and blockages to help speed up the body’s natural healing processes, regenerate tissue and detoxify the tissues as well as strengthen internal organs and even bone.     

Laser light comes in several different wavelengths (colours) and each colour reacts differently with the body.  Green laser light, for example, is of a higher frequency and is very quickly absorbed by the skin and blood.   The green laser penetrates faster and deeper into the body to offer unique healing benefits such as a deep relaxing and healing effect on the entire nervous system.  This makes it ideal for treating both humans and animals. 

Laser light is unique in that all of the electro-magnetic waves oscillate together in an ordered and aligned way (known as coherency).  This harmonising 'coherent' light can travel vast distances with very little loss of power or scattering and therefore it is capable of producing much higher power than other forms of light.

According to Dr Klinghardt, MD, PhD, many doctors and therapists already work with the green light, using a glass rod to split the beam into a scanning line which allows the practitioner to scan the entire system (both front and back) of the patient very quickly.  In our practice in Oslo, Norway, we regularly carry out body scanning using the green laser light and they find it highly effective when treating both human and animal patients. 

An Israeli study showed that if injured neurons are scanned with this exact frequency, the neurons started to react completely normally as if the nerve was healthy.  Furthermore, the injury healed much faster and long-term damage and the negative long-range effects did not happen.

In his studies, Dr Klinghardt discovered that scanning the body using the green laser has a deep and lasting effect on the healing of nerve tissue.  He also observed many other positive effects; for example, communication between the cells was re-established to help improve food allergies and detoxification, and it also helped the body let go of long-suppressed emotions, trauma and memories.  The green laser light also harmonised the body’s energetic field and therefore restore inner-equilibrium.

Through developing ART (Autonomic Response Testing) Kinesiology, Dr Klinghardt discovered that there are layers in our energetic field which are closely connected to our body’s extracellular and intracellular structures which are naturally connected with our neurons as well. 

We provide Dr Klinghardt’s ART Kinesiology in our practice in conjunction with the laser light because we find it is highly effective in diagnosing the patient’s physical, energetic/emotional and mental condition and in confirming how the issue can be resolved.  Just as a laser and barcode scanner is used at the check-out, the green laser light is then used to transfer information in healing and to treat the patient. 

To treat the patient during a session, we scan in different vibrational remedies into the patient’s system through the use of the laser, so that the body reacts as if it had actually received these remedies.  Because of its high frequency, the green laser is the most effective light wave that can carry and transfer information.  This method of transference is highly effective because it becomes even more easily absorbed and assimilated by the body’s energetic field.

Each Laser Light Kinesiology session lasts about 20-25 minutes.  The patient then needs to be retested over several hours or even days in order to find out how long the effect lasts, and to perhaps be re-treated when it decreases, especially in the case of chronic conditions.  Usually the effect lasts as long as it would have lasted if the patient had physically taken the remedy. 

This form of healing is revolutionary and is totally non-invasive and calming.  Because of this, we find that Laser Light Kinesiology is absolutely perfect for treating animals, especially horses that may often be a little nervous and extra sensitive to their environment and to those around them.   

To find out more abut this innovative treatment, please contact Renzo and Ingelin.




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