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At Natural Body Healing, we encourage you to increase your knowledge on topical health matters and also on some support organisations.  Here are some useful websites which we feel may also be of interest to you:

Organix Baby Food Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) website UK Government Food Standards Agency website National Association of (UK) Farmers’ Markets website Useful website for food allergies & food intolerances

Official website for US Gerson Society for cancer

HDRA - the UK organic association

Dr Paul Clayton's site on strengthening body against disease

General health website

Site providing info on supplementation & EU legislation British Nutrition Foundation website

Catalogue for organic & environmentally-friendly gardeners

Top Nutritionist & Founder of the Institute for Optimum Health

UK Site that accompanies Positive Health magazine UK Supplier of organic produce delivered direct to your door

Library for holistic agriculture, health & self-sufficient living

UK Association at the heart of organic food & farming Vegetarian Society website promoting vegetarianism Supplier of premium 'energy healing' products and services Suppliers of health equipment & supplies Resource exclusively for cancer sufferers to highlight alternative & complementary cancer treatments

Barrie Trower - Microwave Scientist
Barrie Trower, a world-leading Microwave Scientist, advises of the dangers to exposure to microwave frequencies, with more video clip links here:

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