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Links to Spiritual and Energy Healing Sites and Resources Amazingly Gifted Internationally-Acclaimed Energy Healer.  Powerful Face-to-Face Healings, Remote Healings and Animal Healing. Crystals & Therapies for Healing, Meditation & Personal Well-Being, plus Talks, Readings & Courses. Leading UK astrologer and psychic and author of several books and lecturer on astrology, Qabala, tarot, numerology, past life experiences and psychic practices. UK healing retreat offering range of holistic therapies that aid total relaxation and inner peace to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Paul Bailey's new book explains how self-transformation, achievement of true freedom, and realisation of truth can be accomplished through the right teaching and the appropriate path of practice. Donna Wignall - Compassionate Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer. Amazing International Medical Intuitive - remote guidance, healing, training, Home Study, CDs, DVDs, Books. Vitalia Health site providing mind training solutions and quality wellbeing products The Kevala Centre Natural Health Directory in UK. (OWL) Magical! A colourful new look at the unity of old beliefs. Karma, Astrology, Tarot, Angels, Fairies, Nature, Religion, Healing & much more!


















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