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Introducing our Magnet Therapy Products


Always remember that NOT ALL MAGNETS ARE THE SAMEProducts have to be the best quality and the most powerful that you can afford, otherwise they cannot penetrate that deep into the body, and so will have little effect. 


At Natural Body Healing we proudly promote Norstar Biomagnetics and also Vergari Biodynamics both of which are the professional's choice for magnet therapy products as they are VERY powerful and effective. 


For example, compare the Norstar gauss ratings with other leading products on the market such as Nikken and Ecoflow for yourself




Introduce highly-effective magnet therapy products into your daily life and feel the difference.  Please see our range of products below:


Individual Neodymium Magnets – These powerful magnet ‘points’ should be used for most soft tissue damage as they are the ones likely to get the best penetrative results for deep tissue area such as backs, knees, hips and shoulders etc.  These ‘Neos’ and the 'Magnecore Sets' are amongst the most popular magnet therapy products with our professional therapists.


Magnessage and The Magneton These powerful magnetic field therapy devices are developed to help relieve pain and hasten the repair of damaged tissue literally within minutes.  They are portable hand-held devices, in the shape of a torch that are held next to or horizontally over the body, at the site of pain, injury or imbalance.  This is the most popular product amongst professional therapists across the UK, Europe and the US.


Magnetic Water Coaster - Magnetised water can help many conditions such as colitis, eczema, psoriasis, or low blood pressure.  It can help restore any condition of imbalance and help rid the body’s cells of toxicity and has a soothing, slightly sedative effect on emotional upsets, helping to normalise circulatory systems and improve energy levels. 


Magnetic Body/Neck/Joint Wraps Neodymium magnets are placed within each wrap to allow penetration throughout the joint and/or specific area of the body. Every part of soft tissue in the surrounding area will be penetrated and affected by its magnetic fields, offering you the best chance to ease the pain and accelerate your recovery. Penetration reaches 13cm – 15.5cm deep into the tissue.


Other Magnetic Health Products – Our Comfort Gloves, ‘Senza’ Tummy Pad, Stress Pad, Power Wrist Band and Eye Mask products will each help increase circulation and oxygen, and therefore advance the release of damaging toxins and encourage the cells to work as efficiently as they can in strengthening the affected area and improving general health.


Magnetic Bedding Products – Our range of bedding products including mattress pads and pillow pads with covers bathes every cell, muscle and organ in the body with a gentle magnetic field that is safe, natural and essential to your well-being.  Helps you get a good night’s deep sleep and wake naturally, refreshed, relaxed and ready to go in the morning.  Furthermore, our Mini Pad and Therapist/Travel Pad is also ideal for use by small children and by professional therapists on their treatment couches.


Magnetic Jewellery – These products are designed to improve general overall health, encourage overall detoxification and more specifically, the bracelets can help alleviate pain in the hand and wrist area.  The benefits will increase with usage.  With its powerful neodymium magnets each with a minimum surface strength of 1,200 gauss, they are widely used by everyone from mums, manual workers, people using computers and by sportspeople.  We do however recommend that you also use other magnetic products listed here if you wish to treat a specific site of injury or muscle pain.


Magnetic Innersoles - Innersoles are used for people looking to improve circulation, energy and strength.  There is no longer any doubt about the effectiveness of magnets in sport because these days many athletes are restored to competitive condition through using them; in fact 70% of all senior PGA Golfers regularly wear magnets.  Many top professional sportsmen are now using ‘Powerstrides’ for repair, endurance or to enhance their performance.


Magnetic Pet Products - Our range of Magnetic Pet Collar products include pet bedding and pet collars which can improve your pet’s circulation, speed recovery from injuries and increase vitality and energy to enable your pet to unwittingly discover a new force in health and happiness!


POWERFUL Norstar BioMagnetics and Vergari Biodynamics products are THE professional's choice.  Used by therapists, sportsmen and many, many people on a day-to-day basis to help speed up the body’s natural healing abilities and re-energise the body.  Introduce highly-effective magnet therapy products into your daily life and feel the difference.  You really have nothing to lose – so try them today! 


Buy Our Amazing Magnet Therapy Products Today!


The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.














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