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You ARE Your Environment and Your Environment IS You

by Paul Bailey, Author, Researcher, Lecturer, and Modern-day Spiritual Philosopher (Adapted from ĎThink of an Elephantí )


Environment. A common enough word, but what does it mean exactly? If you think of the environment as something outside yourself, try holding your nose and mouth shut for a moment. Your struggle to breathe tells you how completely connected you are to your environment - each breath of life is itself an environmental connection. We can't 'get in touch' with the environment; the fact is we can never be completely out of the environment because nature is not something separate from us; we are within nature and nature is within us. The edge of you is not the surface of your skin.  Indeed, every atom that makes up your body has come from the environment and remains suspended in the environment.


Now that you understand there is no cut-off point between you and your environment, the question is how to connect better with the environment? The answer is meditation Ė itís very good for relaxation and gets our mind and our body in harmony with the environment. We lower our stress levels and the stress chemicals in the body are reduced. However meditation can also do something far more profound; with deeper meditation we go beyond mere relaxation and can have the experience of being Ďat oneí with the environment. The point to notice is that our mind can confine us to a limited physical separate entity and individual experience when in fact the true potential of mind can liberate us to experience the energetic of all things.


A major point of stress for all of us is spiritual stress. A lot of this comes from the fact that the environment we think we get in touch with through our senses is only a fraction of the total environment, for example, there is so much to reality that we miss out on.  When we come to see the extent that each of us as individuals is interconnected to literally everything else in the greater scheme of things, we come to realise that our big fear (disempowerment and no real influence) is unfounded. Both our mental health and our physical health require us to engage and upgrade our mentality.


Our strongest connections to the environment are often invisible - even those of us who are concerned about our health and understand the importance of our connection to the world around us are unwitting contributors to the dismantling of nature's web - that is going on all around us. For example, there are between 4000 and 10000 traditional medicinal species of plant that are endangered world wide through excessive harvesting. Though the ancient wisdom of our traditional elders advised us to walk lightly on the earth, now our gentle foot print is leaving a giant crater.


If we want to bring about real change in our life and in the world with the way things are going; if we want to do this without the risk of making things worse than they already are, then it is time to discover the art of using our mind to see into the unseen.  It is only when we have a better view of the whole of the environment and not just the little bit around us that we cease to walk blindly ahead.  Instead we walk with a new knowing that empowers us at all levels of our life.


With that insight we can see not only the things that we are apart from but at a deeper level the things we are a part of, especially our environment.


Itís important to note that the environment includes the natural environment around us as well as the social environment.  We must understand this because there are far reaching repercussions both personally and globally. For example, global warming and the influx of climate change refugees. Itís only when environmental responsibility is recognised as an investment in the future and not seen as an attack on today's bottom line will society become sustainable in the long term. The problems with our environment are so great and are mostly caused by industry that ecologists and economists must work together to fix this issue of environmental collapse. Today any economist, who doesn't account for the environment and the ecology in their equations, is guilty of professional misconduct.


Climate change and its affects, the world-wide destruction of the world's lungs (our forests) and the chemical pollution within our food are the emergency red line on nature's warning gauge. Itís dangerous to believe that enthusiasm alone will guarantee success. We are now on red alert: the actions and attitudes of every one of us need to be re-integrated with our living environment now! By re-engaging with the natural environment we support and protect our own health as well as the inheritance of future generations.


By linking the apparently unrelated fields of quantum physics, holistic health, cosmology, theology, neuroscience, evolutionary theory and consciousness studies, 'Think of an Elephant' uncovers the complete set of tools we've got in our mental toolbox; it shows us the path to gaining a healthy, balanced mentality.  For more information on workshops and training, and to contact Paul Bailey, the author, please visit:










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