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The Healing Energies of Reiki

By Susan Ponting, Reiki Master, ITEC, C&G, MCThA


Reiki is an ancient form of natural 'hands-on healing' that dates back more than 3000 years.  It does not involve drugs or potions or a belief in order for you to benefit from it.  Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive way of rebalancing the body’s energies. 


It can help all aspects of the physical body, mind, emotions and spirit, as well as encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth.  It is a very beneficial form of complementary therapy and can be used in conjunction with all other therapies and orthodox medicines. 


It is the best form of ‘Stress Busting’ there is, in fact you do not have to be ill to benefit from the Reiki energy.  You can enjoy it anytime just for the absolute peace and relaxation it gives you.  You may be asking yourself "Just what is Reiki?”

Let’s start with the word itself – Reiki.  The word is split into two - Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning Life Force or Energy.

This energy is what we and any living thing are made of; it is all around us, and it connects us to every living organism and is that which keeps us alive. Even inanimate objects have energy! You can’t actually see the Reiki energy but it can be felt and experienced.

Our bodies have numerous energy centres or 'Chakra' points as they are called. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Spinning Wheel’.  When our chakras are not vibrating at the right level or spinning in the correct direction, our bodies can start to malfunction.  In other words we can become ill.  Our chakras loose their ability to synchronise with one another and become unbalanced; if even one chakra is unbalanced it will put pressure on the other Chakras to ‘support’ the rest of the body.

The Reiki energy works with the bodies own energy to help rebalance, allowing the body to heal itself.  It is a very subtle energy which works on the Aura as well as the chakras.  The Aura is the energy field surrounding the body which has many different layers and is linked directly to each chakra. 

Sometimes people don’t feel or experience anything during a treatment because the energy is working on much deeper emotional levels but this doesn’t mean it didn’t work; it just means that the client hasn’t felt anything physical

You may experience subtle changes a few days later, for instance, if you have been trying to solve an issue and couldn’t come up with an answer; suddenly you do after your Reiki treatment.   If you have Reiki because you have a physical complaint or are in pain, sometimes the symptoms get worse initially before they get better.

During a Reiki treatment the practitioner ‘tunes’ into the Reiki energy and passes the energy to the client by either placing their hands on, or just above the body in certain positions.  The practitioner does not carry out the healing it is the Reiki energy that heals.  If the practitioner does use their energy rather than ‘tuning’ into the Reiki energy, their own energy will become depleted and they may even become ill.

These hand positions usually correspond to the 7 main chakra points of the body which start on top of the head and run down the central meridian line of our bodies finishing at the pelvis.  However, there are no hard and fast rules for giving Reiki and the practitioner may be intuitively drawn to certain parts of the body where they will place their hands. It must be emphasised at this point that no personal areas of the body should be touched at anytime by a practitioner during a treatment session.

The Reiki energy is an intelligent energy and will flow to the part of the body where it is most needed.  Each one of us is different and so the Reiki energy adjusts itself to the individuals needs.  Each person will receive just the right amount of energy for them.

The practitioner will explain to the client before the session about the sort of experiences that may occur during the treatment for example, the client may feel heat or coldness or tingling from the practitioner's hands.  All these experiences are normal.  The feelings of the Reiki treatment ie. a relaxed state, calmness etc, should stay with the client for a few days after the treatment encouraging the body to rebalance.

Reiki is a healing art that is available for anyone to receive or learn.  If you choose to learn or study Reiki, it is advisable to become acquainted with the lineage of your Reiki Master Teacher beforehand.  This lineage should be traced back to Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki and any practitioner should be happy to talk you about their lineage.

A Reiki Master Teacher ‘attunes’ you to the Reiki energy by a simple process.  You CANNOT be ‘attuned’ over the internet, by the telephone or long distance or by anyone who isn’t a Reiki Master Teacher.   A 1st Degree course is usually studied over a 2-day period where you will learn about the history of Reiki, how Reiki works, how to treat friends and family and especially how to self treat.  No prerequisites are required to learn 1st Degree Reiki.

The more committed a student is or becomes to the Reiki energy, the more Reiki energy will influence their daily lives.  REIKI is a wonderful experience - enjoy it!

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The above information should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.







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