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About Natural Body Healing

The Environment

How the Sun and Moon Affect our Health

Positive Health

A Balanced Approach

Rebalance & Detoxifying Your Body

Find out what happens during an Aqua Detox treatment

The FACTs about what Aqua DetoxTM can really do for you

Health conditions Aqua DetoxTM can help improve

What Customers are saying about Aqua Detox

Find out how much an Aqua Detox treatment will cost

Vibrational Therapies or Vibrational Medicines

The Powerful & Effective Integrated Healing Therapy

What is Kinesiology?

Natural Healing Powers of Reiki & Seichem

The Benefits of Vibrational Exercise Therapy

Research in Vibrational Exercise Therapy

The Benefits of Magnetic Pulser Therapy

The Healing Powers of Magnet Therapy

Which Magnet Therapy Products Should You Choose?

Introducing Norstar's Range of Magnet Therapy Products

Delivery Terms and Pricing

Magnet Therapy For Joint and Muscle Repair

Magnet Therapy For General Well-Being

Magnet Therapy For Relaxation and Sleep

Magnetic Jewellery

Magnetic Therapy For Your Pets and Animals

The Benefits of Parasite Zapper Treatment

The Benefits of DPL Light Therapy

Nutritional Support

Zambroza and The Fight Against Free-Radicals

Online Health Check for UK

Online Health Check for Europe

The Full Nature's Sunshine Product Range - UK

The Full Nature's Sunshine Product Range - Europe

Info on Cancer and Available Medical Treatment

Natria Skincare Product Range - Natural Nutrition for Your Skin

How to Achieve Healthy Hair Skin and Nails

Natria Skincare Safety

Sports Nutrition

Nature's Sunshine Top Selling Supplements in UK and Europe

Why Choose Nature’s Sunshine for Nutritional Supplementation?

Natures Sunshine Products Tips & FAQs

Nature's Sunshine's Philosophy on Quality

How to Become a Nature's Sunshine Distributor?

How to Build Your NSP Business as a Distributor?

Nature's Sunshine Distributor FAQs

Nature's Sunshine Products International Sponsorship Programme

EMF Protection

The Innovative AkuRy® Chip & AkuRy® Duett Chip for all Your Mobile Phones, Electronic & Wireless Devices

Protect Your Health & Boost Your Body's Energy – by Wearing an Ultra-Modern & Fashionable AkuRy® Amulet

Protect against Electromagnetic Frequencies – by Using Our Innovative AkuRy® Products

Book A Treatment

Articles on How To Achieve a Happier Healthier and Balanced Life

Importance of Protein in Our Diets

5 Ways to Well-Being

How to Combat the Effects of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies

Cell Phones & Their Dangers

The Perils of Modern-Day Living from ElectroMagnetic Frequencies

The Importance of Breathing Deeply to Harmonise Your Body, Thoughts & Emotions

Boost Your Immune System Through Colloidal Silver

15 Simple Ways to be Happier

The Benefits of Cranial-Sacral Therapy

Controlling Candida Albicans to Restore Balance & Well-Being

The Chinese Meridian System is Linked Inextricably to Our Emotions

The Healing Powers of Qi Gong

7 Top Tips for Immunity-Boosting Through Qi Gong

Living with Schizophrenia

Forgive Heal & Move On

The Healing Powers of Magnet Therapy

Fertility Issues - When Conception Becomes Difficult

Relief from Both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Coping with Osteoporosis

Reflexology - Ancient Healing to Help Combat Stress

Reconnect for Mental Fitness

Reconnect with Your Environment

Animals and Their Life Purpose

The Healing Energies of Reiki

Sunscreen & Skin Cancer - The Science

Pilates - Perfect for Posture and Strengthening Your Back

Heart Disease – The Biggest Killer in the Western World


How to Maintain Healthy Blood Cholesterol Levels

Learning to Combat Stress through Relaxation

The Importance of Chlorophyll in Our Diets

The Benefits of Magnet Therapy

Can Food Intolerances Be Attributed To Poor Bowel Health?

Dealing With Depression

Cancer & Its Energetic & Emotional Approach

Alcohol Consumption and its Long-Term Effect on Your Health

Alcohol Audit Test

A Natural Approach to the Menopause

Importance of Iodine and Sea Vegetables in Optimal Health

Pregnancy and Essential Nutrition

Food and Drinks That Worsen Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Cancer Prevention is Much Better than Cure

Body and Beauty Products to Literally Die For

Achieve Natural Beauty Through Ayurveda

Back to Good Health through Chiropractic Care or Osteopathy

Asbestos & Asbestos Diseases

Change Your Career - And Transform Your Life

Healthy Bowels - The Foundations of Good Health

How You Can Help Avoid Those Painful Migraines

Making Time for Restful Sleep

How to Keep Every Resolution Without Fail

Easing the Family Pressures at Christmas Time

Making Simple Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Your Stress Levels

How to Achieve Sensible Weight-Loss

Increase Your Self-Esteem - And Improve Your Life

For Happier Hearts – Take Time To ‘HEAL’

Establishing a Successful Relationship

Going Organic - But Why Should We?

Maintaining A Clean Bill of Health

Balancing Your Body's pH Levels

Managing Energy Levels and Weight by Stabilising Your Blood Sugar Levels

The Sad State of Modern-Day Food



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