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Essential Nutrition for Sports Athletes


With regular strenuous training, athletes have to increase their levels of overall food intake to ensure they eat adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins, in order to meet both their increased energy and muscle and body tissue repair needs. 

Athletes, long distance runners, keep fit enthusiasts and weight trainers - in fact, anyone who engages in strength and power exercises do require a higher dietary protein intake than usual, for their ongoing muscle growth and repair.  A diet deficient in protein will indeed lead to a loss of muscle as all tissues will be broken down to some extent, to make essential amino acids for the body. 

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Synerprotein provides a convenient and practical way of meeting your increased dietary protein needs.  This protein shake can help balance glucagon and insulin production, encourage weight loss and maintain energy levels.  Developed specifically for NASA astronauts and Olympic athletes, Synerprotein also helps improve stamina, concentration and memory, strengthen hair, skin and nails and also repair and build lean body tissue.  It is a high quality soya protein supplement that is dairy free, wheat free, yeast free, gluten free and is virtually fat free.

The body’s extra energy requirements are met through consuming sufficient levels of healthy fats and carbohydrate Omega 3 or Flaxseed Oil are a rich source of Essential Fatty Acids which are vital to the body because they are also necessary in keeping our cell membranes healthy and they form a large component of the nervous system within the brain and in the retina. 

It’s well worth bearing in mind that the higher the intensity of exercise, the greater the body relies on carbohydrate as a fuel.  Anyone who trains regularly, should consume a diet that is also high in carbohydrate, with a large proportion being in the form of complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, pasta, oats.  They should also consume plenty of simple sugars, such as honey, sugar, jam, confectionery and fruit juices.

Vitamins and minerals play important roles in the metabolism of energy and therefore adequate levels of certain minerals, such as magnesium, and trace elements, such as iron, are needed for normal muscle function. 


Many groups of athletes are at risk from essential vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  These individuals include those who compete in sports events where a low body weight is essential, such as gymnasts or dancers; and also those athletes where they have to compete under specific body weights such as boxers, wrestlers or weight lifters.  Each of these athletes tends to train frequently and intensively, yet they consume low energy diets or undergo drastic weight loss regimes to lose body weight or increase the muscle tone of the body.  Many are young athletes who are still in a period of body growth and development, which is more reason why supplementary sports nutrition can be so essential.


Prolonged exercise in hot conditions could severely impair athletic performance because they lose key minerals. Athletes who therefore train and compete in hot environments should also consider increasing their intake of minerals (particularly iron, zinc and magnesium) because mineral losses in sweat can be considerable.  Sodium is the most abundant mineral that can be excreted.  However, replacing sodium is not usually necessary because of the high salt content in many processed foods.


Zambroza is a ‘super-charged’ antioxidant-rich juice blend that provides a rich supply of powerful antioxidants known to protect the body’s tissues against oxidative stress (free radical damage) that can be caused though strenuous exercise.  Zambroza also helps the body fight the effects of aging, promotes energy, helps maintain healthy cell growth and enhances the immune system.


In addition, women have to be especially careful when exercising.  Very active women may be deficient in iron and calcium; however, a qualified practitioner should be able to confirm any deficiency.  Female athletes should consider taking calcium supplements to ensure sufficient levels of calcium in the body and to also maintain healthy bones.  Most importantly, ‘amenorrheic’ (non-menstruating) female athletes should certainly consider taking additional calcium supplements.


Poor diets are probably the main reason for any nutritional deficiencies found in athletes, so a balanced diet is essential; however regular overly strenuous exercise can also be a major contributory factor to any dietary deficiency.



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