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The Environment

All life is bathed in natural low-frequency electro-magnetic fields, generated principally by thunderstorm activity in the equatorial regions of the Earth.  Electric storms create a natural electric field.  When the attraction between the positively-charged clouds and the negatively-charged Earth's surface clashes, this eventually leads to a flash of lightning which hit the Earth.  These electrical charges to the Earth have noticeable effects on our health.

Other naturally-occurring 'static' energy fields are beneficial to health.  Sea air is bracing and invigorating because it is negatively charged, full of negative ions.  As the waves crash onto the shore, electrons are dislodged from their atoms and form clouds of the so-called negative ions.  Negative ions have a positive effect on our health as they help restore balance in our bodies.  Mountain air similarly is considered to have health-giving qualities because of the negative ions that accumulate around mountain peaks.

But most of the electric fields that envelop us are not naturally occurring.  We are now surrounded by a cocktail of different man-made electromagnetic waves that alternate and pulse their electrons in waves.  Modern electrical appliances are relatively new in evolutionary terms, and their effects can be harmful due to the free radical damage they can cause within the body.  The modern world around us is rapidly depleting our natural energy stores.

Furthermore, centuries ago, our bodies did not have to contend with thousands of man-made toxins.  Unfortunately, due to the rise of industrialisation and intensive farming methods, heavy metal pollution of the air, water and the food chain have all become major health hazards. Our systems are also seriously struggling to sufficiently obtain the essential nutrients they need and to eliminate man-made toxins that are 'alien' to the body.

Our lifestyles and the environment around us have changed dramatically over the last 100 years. Our bodies now suffer the effects of improper diet and nutrient deficiency, smoking, poor eliminations, lack of exercise, poor circulation and environmental pollution.  In fact, during the course of one year, a typical person following a non-organic diet can consume 13lb of additional chemicals that the body must try to eliminate.

Unfortunately, you could be at an even greater health risk if you are exposed to any of the environmental factors listed here on a regular basis:

  • Living in close proximity to high-voltage power cables.

  • Exposure to industrial and traffic fumes.

  • Exposure to farm chemicals i.e.. fertilisers and pesticides.

  • Living under a flight path or near a major airport.

  • Working in an industry with exposure to high toxic chemicals such as building, plumbing, cleaning, printing, manufacturing, hairdressing, nuclear power, scientific research.

  • Exposure to leaking gas appliances in the home that release carbon monoxide.

  • Regular exposure to electromagnetic pollution from mobile phones, computers, microwaves, x-rays and ultraviolet radiation.

In fact, even the home is no longer a safe place. Many familiar household items and materials are toxic to the body. Newspapers, cleaning products, canned foods, frozen foods, aluminium cookware, insecticides, fungicides, food additives and colourings, preservatives, water piping, cosmetics, hair dyes, antacids, deodorants -the list could go on - all contain toxic substances.

Years of exposure to chemicals leads to toxic overload and also the malfunctioning within our cells because of our imbalanced energy fields due to the environment in which we live.  This can result in serious health problems. Unfortunately, a poor diet and lifestyle can only exacerbate the problem. What's more, suppressive conventional medicine can offer no cure and, in fact, can only only hinder the process.

Your body can heal itself over time. Natural Body Healing can help you re-establish harmony using therapies that naturally stimulate yet balance the body, and by providing organic supplements and products to reduce your toxic load, improve vitality and provide essential nourishment.

To find out how Natural Body Healing can help you, please contact us today.  Please feel free to read our articles including those on the environment and also on the dangers of cell phones and also on electromagnetic stress.










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